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Bills Sponsored by Senator Gannon

SB 69 - Modifies the absentee voting process
SB 70 - Modifies provisions relating to certain utility districts
SB 71 - Modifies several provisions relating to civil proceedings
SB 302 - Creates provisions relating to mining royalties on federal land
SB 303 - Modifies various provisions relating to workers' compensation
SB 484 - Modifies the definition of "health carrier" to include prepaid dental plans for purposes of practitioner credentialing
SB 485 - Enacts provisions relating to air ambulance services
SB 493 - Provides that children under 2 years old shall be secured in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system when transported in a motor vehicle
SB 515 - Modifies provisions relating to continuing education in youth suicide awareness and prevention for teachers
SB 516 - Modifies provisions related to inclement weather make-up policies for public schools
SB 517 - Modifies provisions relating to reimbursement of special education costs of high-needs children
SB 518 - Modifies provisions related to academic performance standards and the Drug-Free Schools Act to include information about tobacco and vapor products
SB 535 - Creates standards for the procurement of concrete by the state
SB 553 - Authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to convey certain state property located in Iron County to the State Highways and Transportation Commission
SB 561 - Modifies provisions relating to children in the custody of the state
SB 574 - Establishes provisions regulating food delivery platforms
HB 201 - Requires the Department of Revenue to keep the home address and vehicle information of certain individuals confidential
HB 202 - Designates every August 31st as "Random Acts of Kindness Day" in Missouri
HB 445 - Modifies provisions relating to the oversight of certain roadways
HB 449 - Designates every second Wednesday in May as "Celiac Awareness Day"

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