Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 308 - Under current law, an individual with a criminal record may petition a licensing authority for a determination of whether the criminal record will disqualify the individual from obtaining a professional license. This act requires licensing authorities to notify the petitioner in writing of the grounds and reasons if the authority determines that the petitioner is disqualified. This act also removes an exemption for certain licensing authorities listed in current law from the petition requirements. (Sections 324.012.2(3) and 324.012.7)

This act also removes a provision in current law requiring licensing authorities to only list criminal convictions directly related to the licensed occupation for purposes of the Fresh Start Act of 2020. (Former section 324.012.6(1))

These provisions are identical to provisions in HCS/SB 9 (2021), HCS/SB 330 (2021), HB 476 (2021), and the truly agreed CCS/SS#2/SCS/HB 273 (2021).


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