SB 146 - This act modifies provisions relating to landlord-tenant actions. The act requires that no judgment shall be entered until at least sixty days after the defendant was personally served a summons for a landlord-tenant action. If the defendant was not personally served, the court shall not enter any judgment until at least ninety days after execution of the notice. A judgment shall not include any interest or late fees if the landlord or tenant received any financial assistance from any government agency toward the payment of rent.

If the title of the rented property has been transferred within two years of the judgment and the defendant is unable to locate the proper party to pay the judgment, such judgment shall be removed or abated. This act provides that all transfers of title for real property with an outstanding collectible judgment shall be filed in circuit court within thirty days of such transfer and the seller and buyer shall notify any tenants of the new ownership in writing.

This act is identical to HB 1378 (2020) and HB 174 (2019) and is substantially similar to HB 2579 (2018).


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