SB 1054
Enacts certain provisions relating to school districts
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3/14/2018 - Hearing Cancelled S Government Reform Committee
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August 28, 2018

Current Bill Summary

SB 1054 - This act creates requirements for school districts that have returned to local governance after being under the authority of an alternate governing structure. Such districts shall comply with the following requirements:

• School board members shall observe the proper role of a school board and respect the roles of the district superintendent, administrators, and teachers in running the day-to-day operations of schools in the district;

• A vote of greater than 2/3 of the members of the school board shall be required in order to terminate the employment of a district superintendent;

• A school board shall publicly establish annual goals, as set forth in the act, and provide a report at the end of each year on whether or not such goals have been achieved; and

• The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall develop and provide enhanced training for members of school boards in districts that have previously lost accreditation.

Additionally, the Commissioner of Education shall establish an oversight body that shall have authority to intervene in persistently underperforming attendance centers and schools, as defined in the act. Such oversight body shall establish standards applicable to all public schools in the state and shall develop a process to give school districts with underperforming attendance centers and schools a chance to improve. The oversight body shall provide recommendations to underperforming attendance centers and schools as described in the act.