SB 843 Modifies the composition, duties or repeals outright certain administrative boards, commissions, and councils
Sponsor: Riddle
LR Number: 5541S.07T Fiscal Notes
Committee: Professional Registration
Last Action: 6/1/2018 - Signed by Governor Journal Page: S2517
Title: CCS HCS SS SCS SB 843 Calendar Position: 10
Effective Date: Emergency Clause
House Handler: Ross

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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HCS/SS/SCS/SB 843 - This act modifies provisions relating to a number of state administrative boards, commissions, and councils.

This act decreases the membership on the Missouri State Capitol Commission from eleven to nine members, by requiring the Governor to appoint two, rather than four, members of the general public. The membership of the Commission is also modified so that the minority leaders of the House and Senate will appoint the minority party members of the Commission.

The Commission shall evaluate and approve projects including the "21st-Century State Capitol Restoration Project" which shall include the development and implementation of a comprehensive master plan for the restoration and preservation of the Capitol building, grounds, and any annex areas. The term "annex areas" will include a building currently occupied by the Missouri Department of Transportation if used to house members or staff of the General Assembly. The Commission shall further exercise ongoing supervision and coordination of the Capitol building, grounds, and any annex areas.

The Commission is required to issue an annual report based on the fiscal year and specified appropriation requirements for the Capitol building, grounds, and annex areas on or before October 1 of each year to the General Assembly and the Budget Director. (Sections 8.003 to 8.017). These provisions are similar to SCS/HCS/HB 1605 (2018).

The membership of the Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission is modified by requiring the Governor to appoint two additional members. (Section 41.1010).

Currently, the Governor appoints six members to the board of trustees for the Missouri Health Plan. This act removes three of the Governor's appointments and replaces them with two members of the system who are current employees elected by current employees and one retired member of the system who is elected by the retired members. (Section 103.008).

The membership of the State Historical Records Advisory Board is modified by reducing the number of members from twelve to seven. (Section 109.221). The membership of the Missouri Board on Geographic Names is modified by removing one member appointed by the Secretary of State and adding the director of the Department of Agriculture. (Section 109.225). The membership of a local records board is also modified (Section 109.255).

The expiration date for the Foster Care and Adoptive Parents Recruitment and Retention Fund and a tax refund checkoff to such fund are removed and the administration of the Fund is changed from the Foster Care and Adoptive Parents Recruitment and Retention Fund Board, which is repealed by the act, to the Missouri State Foster Care and Adoption Board. (Sections 143.1015 and 453.600).

The act modifies the membership of the Secretary's Council on Library Development by making the legislative members of the Council and the state librarian serve as ex-officio members. (Section 181.022).

The composition of the Missouri Women's Council is modified. The Council is reduced from fifteen to thirteen members with nine, rather than eleven, members appointed by the Governor. Such members shall serve terms of four, rather than three, years and may be reappointed. The Council, rather than the Governor, shall annually elect a chair and vice-chair. (Section 186.007).

The Missouri Area Health Education Centers Council is repealed and the Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services shall assume all duties of the Council. (Section 191.980).

The State Board of Health and the State Board of Senior Services are consolidated into the newly created State Board of Health and Senior Services (Sections 91.640, 189.015 to 189.035, 191.400, 192.005 to 192.710, 192.2030, and 701.040).

The act repeals the State Hospital Advisory Council (Section 192.240).

The Unmarked Human Burial Consultation Committee is repealed and the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation shall assume all duties of the Committee. (Sections 194.400 to 194.409).

The State Board of Health and Senior Services, rather than the Life Sciences Research Board, shall be responsible for overseeing the umbilical cord blood bank grant program (Section 191.756).

A subcommittee on the development of a comprehensive entry point system for long-term care within the MO HealthNet Oversight Committee is repealed. (Section 208.955). The Professional Services Payment Committee is also repealed. (Section 208.197).

This act changes the membership of the Board for Certification of Interpreters from five members to three. One of the members shall be deaf, one shall be a certified interpreter, and one shall be either deaf or a certified interpreter. (Sections 209.287 and 209.307).

The act reduces the membership of the Children's Trust Fund Board from twenty-one to seventeen members with eight, rather than twelve, public members appointed by the Governor. The representative categories of membership on the Board are modified. (Section 210.170).

This act modifies the membership of the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children to remove members of the General Assembly; add the directors of Children's Division, the Department of Mental Health, and the Children's Trust Fund Board; remove two teachers and add a school principal and a school counselor; and remove the at-large member. Additionally, the act requires the Director of the Department of Social Services to appoint all members currently appointed by the Governor. The act directs the Task Force to focus on the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. The Department of Social Services, beginning January 1, 2019, shall work with the Task Force to make yearly reports to the General Assembly. Finally, the Task Force may adopt and submit to the Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education policy recommendations addressing sexual abuse of children as specified in the act. This provision is identical to SB 845 (2018). (Sections 160.2100, 160.2110, 210.1200, and 210.1210).

The act codifies the creation of the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, which was originally created by executive order. The Council shall have authority to review and approve nominations to the National Register, review completed state historic preservation plans, and provide guidance to the state historic preservation officer. (Sections 253.408 and 253.412).

Under this act, state and political subdivision licensing authorities shall waive all occupational fees and any other fees associated with licensing requirements for military families and low-income individuals for a period of two years beginning on the date the application is approved. The waiver shall not apply to fees required to obtain business licenses. (Section 324.015).

The duties of the Interior Design Council are transferred to the Division of Professional Registration. The Council's role shall be to advise, guide, and make recommendations to the Director of the Division. The Director of the Division, rather than the Governor, shall appoint members of the Council. The act repeals a provision of law regarding verification of experience necessary to register as an interior designer. (Sections 324.406 to 324.436).

Currently, the applications for enrollment as a professional land surveyor and a land surveyor-in-training must include three letters of reference. This act removes that requirement. (Sections 327.313 and 327.321).

The composition of the Missouri Film Commission is changed by removing the General Assembly members from the Commission. (Section 620.1200).

This act creates the Missouri Route 66 Centennial Commission Act, which shall consist of eighteen members as outlined in the act. The Commission shall plan and sponsor official Route 66 centennial events and activities, encourage the development of programs to involve citizens in activities that commemorate Route 66 centennial events, and make information available to the public about Route 66 events. The Missouri Route 66 Centennial Commission Fund is created and moneys in the Fund shall be expended solely for the use of the Commission in performing its duties. The Commission shall deliver a final report to the Governor by June 30, 2027, and any moneys remaining in the Fund shall be deposited in the general revenue fund. (Section 620.2200).

This provision shall expire on December 1, 2027. This provision is identical to HB 2039 (2018).

The Director of the Department of Mental Health, rather than the Governor, shall appoint certain members of the Missouri Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders and such members may be reappointed. (Section 633.200).

Currently, two members of the Elevator Safety Board shall be building officials with responsibility for administering elevator regulations, one from each municipality having a population of at least three hundred fifty thousand inhabitants. This act provides that the two members shall be building officials, with one having responsibility for administering elevator regulations. The requirement that each such member come from a municipality with a certain population is repealed. (Section 701.353).

The Missouri State Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission is repealed. (Sections 217.900 to 217.910).

The act repeals the Missouri State Unemployment Council. (Section 288.475).

Under current law, the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints members to the following advisory commissions and committees: the Advisory Commission for Clinical Perfusionists, the Missouri Acupuncturist Advisory Committee, the Advisory Commission for Dental Hygienists, the Advisory Commission for Anesthesiologist Assistants, the Advisory Commission for Physical Therapists, and the Advisory Commission for Physician Assistants. This act transfers such appointment power to the Director of the Division of Professional Registration. (Sections 324.177, 324.180, 324.478, 332.086, 334.430, 334.625, and 334.749). These provisions are identical to SB 844 (2018).

This act modifies membership of the Missouri State Board of Nursing to require that one member be an advanced practice registered nurse. This provision is identical to SB 821 (2018) and similar to SB 536 (2017), HB 1089 (2017), HB 1192 (2017), HB 1220 (2017), and to a provision contained in SCS/HB 815 (2017). (Section 335.021).

This act is similar to SS/SB 848 (2018).