Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia

Senate Appointments House Appointments
  • Laura Naas – Missouri State Teacher’s Association
  • Lorrie Wolf – Missouri International Dyslexia Association
  • Jennifer Edwards – Decoding Dyslexia Missouri
  • Dr. Phillip Mothersead, PhD – Licensed Psychologist
  • Eva Trumbower – Speech Language Pathologist
  • Anita Kutenkuler – Independent Private Provider
  • Terry Osborne – Private Citizen with a child diagnosed with dyslexia
  • Dr. Chelsea Johnson, MD – Pediatrician with Knowledge of dyslexia
  • Kim Stuckey, Commissioner of Education
  • Erica Limbke, Representative from an institution of higher education located in this state with specialized expertise in dyslexia and reading instruction
  • Steven Beldin, Representative from the Missouri Council of Higher Administrators of Special Education
  • Noel Leif, Certified academic language therapist recommended by the Academic Language Therapists Association
  • John Effinger, Assistive technology specialist with expertise in accessible print materials and assistive technology used by individuals with dyslexia reccomended by the Missouri assistive technology council
  • Susan Bonnett, Private citizen who has been diagnosed with dsylexia
  • Scott Crooks, Member of the Missouri School Board Association
  • Mollie Bolton
  • Linda Fugate



Established pursuant to Section 633.420 of the Missouri Statutes.