News from Senator Lager

Committee Membership:
  Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy & the Environment, Chairman
  Governmental Accountability, Vice-Chairman
  Gubernatorial Appointments
  Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics
  Ways & Means and Fiscal Oversight
  Special Committee on Social Service Program Savings
  Select Committee on Redistricting, Vice-Chairman
  Senate Interim Committee on Health Insurance Exchanges
  Senate Interim Committee on Natural Disaster Recovery, Vice-Chairman
  Joint Committee on Corrections
  Joint Committee on Legislative Research
  Joint Committee on Tax Increment Financing
  Joint Committee on Tax Policy, Vice-Chairman
  Missouri Energy Task Force
  Missouri Investment Trust Board of Trustees

Counties Represented:
  Andrew, Atchison, Caldwell,
  Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb,
  Gentry, Grundy, Harrison,
  Holt, Linn, Livingston,
  Mercer, Nodaway, Sullivan
  and Worth

District 12 Map

Legislative Service:
  Elected to the Senate:
    2006, 2010
  House of Representatives:
    2002 - 2006