Senator Goodman's term in office expired January 9, 2013.

Committee Membership:
  Jobs, Economic Development & Local Government
  Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence, Chairman
  Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics
  Senate Select Committee on Redistricting
  Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
  Joint Legislative Committee on Court Automation
  Joint Committee on Legislative Research
  Joint Committee on Terrorism, Bioterrorism and Homeland Security
  Senate Interim Committee on Health Insurance Exchanges
  Missouri Working Group on Sentencing and Corrections
    (Local Task Force on Sentencing and Corrections)

  Children's Services Commission
  Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force
  Missouri Tourism Commission
  Sentencing Advisory Commission

Counties Represented:
  Barry, Lawrence, McDonald,
  Ozark, Stone and Taney

Legislative Service:
  Elected to the Senate:
    2005, 2008
  House of Representatives: