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Bills Sponsored by Senator Schaaf

SB 25 - Modifies and adopts provisions relating to nuisances
SB 62 - Modifies provisions relating to health care providers
SB 76 - Prohibits insurers from denying reimbursement for providing diagnostic imaging services based solely on the speciality or professional board certification of a licensed physician
SB 88 - Removes an expiration date of August 28, 2011 on state universities being able to convey land, except in fee simple, without authorization from the General Assembly and requires that such conveyances be done at fair market value
SB 92 - Requires director of the Department of Insurance to prescribe by rule uniform application forms for group health insurance policies
SB 98 - Prohibits agreements between health carriers and health care providers from containing Most Favored Nation Clauses
SB 111 - Requires health carriers to provide Internet access to its standard fee schedules and prohibits carriers from refusing to contract with providers willing to meet certain provider participation terms and conditions
SB 122 - Modifies provisions relating to health insurance as it applies prescription drug co-payments and the establishment of web-based estimating systems for use by consumers
SB 136 - Prohibits hospitals from requiring physicians to agree to make patient referrals as a condition of receiving medical staff privileges
SB 149 - Modifies the laws regarding the testimony of physicians as expert witnesses in lawsuits against physicians for improper health care
SB 153 - Requires health carriers to establish or otherwise utilize web-based estimating systems so that consumers can obtain health care cost estimates and compute other related health care costs
SB 154 - Caps the amount of the reduced monthly benefit that certain members of LAGERS who choose to receive a partial lump sum payment may receive
SB 214 - Prohibits restrictive physician employment contracts
SB 215 - Requires health carriers to credential health care professionals within 60 calendar days of receipt of complete application
SB 216 - Requires school boards to work with the Brain Injury Association of Missouri and Missouri State High School Activities Association to develop guidelines on youth athlete concussions and brain injuries
SB 267 - Requires hospitals to annually administer, or make available to be administered, immunizations against the influenza virus to certain hospital employees
SB 292 - Requires presidential and vice presidential candidates to show valid birth certificates
SB 293 - Makes authorizations for allocations of nonresident entertainer and athlete income tax revenues perpetual
SB 313 - Repeals certain requirements for board members of tourism community enhancement districts
SB 333 - Requires certain state agencies to update and verify the accuracy of the information on the respective websites, as the websites pertain to health care
SB 334 - Requires MO HealthNet managed care organizations to provide to the MO HealthNet Division all utilization, access, and spending data for the cost of care per covered participant
SB 335 - Allows public disclosure of department of revenue records regarding the number of cigarettes sold annually by tobacco product manufacturers
SB 354 - Adds bath salts to the list of schedule I controlled substances
SB 355 - Modifies provisions regarding gubernatorial appointments
SRM 1 - Remonstrates against the St. Louis press corps for its failure to investigate certain allegations of corruption within St. Louis
SCR 2 - Urges the Department of Natural Resources to educate the public about light pollution
SCR 12 - Urges the MO HealthNet Division to pursue the feasibility of implementing a program to assess chronic disease management of stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation
SJR 14 - Allows the Department of Revenue to receive its actual costs in collecting highway-related taxes and fees unbridled by the current 3 percent constitutional cap
HB 29 - Establishes the Volunteer Health Services Act to allow for licensed health care professionals to provide volunteer services for a sponsoring organization
HB 187 - Repeals a provision requiring party emblems to be printed on the ballot above the party caption and removes the February and June election dates
HB 340 - Modifies provisions relating to county jails and courthouses
HB 545 - Repeals certain requirements for board members of a tourism community enhancement district in the city of Riverside and modifies provisions relating to transient guest taxes

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