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Bills Sponsored by Senator Parson

SB 64 - Prohibits beer manufacturers from having any interest in liquor wholesalers
SB 71 - Eliminates a requirement that banks, savings institutions, and credit unions file a certain notice with the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission and modifies other provisions relating to housing and real estate
SB 87 - Removes the requirement that certain otherwise unlawful uses of a weapon be reasonably associated with, or necessary to, fulfill a person's official duties in order to be lawful
SB 101 - Creates requirements for contractors who perform home exterior and roof work
SB 113 - Modifies the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act
SB 233 - Requries health carriers to reimburse licensed athletic trainers in the same manner as other providers are reimbursed
SB 248 - Establishes the Proof of Concept Business Finance Program
SB 305 - Creates record-keeping requirements for certain buyers of plastic bulk merchandising containers
SB 374 - Establishes qualifications and appointment procedures for certain county officers
SB 375 - Modifies provisions of the master settlement agreement regarding the refund of escrow payments
SB 376 - Modifies laws relating to the provision of natural gas utility service
SB 377 - Extends the sunset on rolling stock tax credits
SJR 22 - Provides that a member of the General Assembly shall vacate his or her office if such member leaves the state during a legislative session for the purpose of avoiding any official duty or vote
HB 161 - Modifies provisions of law regarding certain taxes imposed by local governments
HB 186 - Modifies provisions relating to elected or appointed county commission clerks and county recorders
HB 199 - Modifies community service requirements for prior and persistent violators of intoxication-related traffic
HB 407 - Prohibits a person from preparing or issuing a certificate of insurance form relating to property and casualty insurance unless it has been filed with the director
HB 442 - Gives bidding preference to veteran owned businesses for state contracts
HB 675 - Requires county coroners to complete training requirements within six months of appointment or election
HB 795 - Designates the second Friday in March of each year as "Missouri School Read-In Day"

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