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Bills Sponsored by Senator Dempsey

SB 628 - Requires the auditor of any county with a charter form of government to take an annual inventory of county property with an original value of $1,000 or more, rather than $250
SB 629 - Establishes the Missouri Healthy Workplace Recognition Program
SB 753 - Allows county commissions to invest cemetery trust funds in certificates of deposit
SB 754 - Modifies provisions related to cemeteries, the licensing of certain professions, death certificates, public assistance programs, and various other provisions
SB 773 - Allows owners of automated teller machines to charge access fees to those with bank accounts in foreign countries
SB 792 - Modifies provisions relating to abortion
SB 832 - Creates the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the possession and care of certain non-native big cats and bears
SB 861 - Requires accreditation for noninvasive vascular laboratories
SB 875 - Modifies the minimum wage for employees under 20 years of age
SB 883 - Modifies provisions of law regarding certain license taxes imposed by cities
SB 894 - Requires state employee health care plan to offer actuarially equivalent benefit products to Medicare eligible participants and enacts various provisions relating to the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders
SB 895 - Establishes the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act
SB 925 - Prohibits agreements between health carriers and providers from containing provisions that requires providers to disclose their reimbursement rates under contracts with other health carriers
SB 933 - Requires chiropractors to be reimbursed under MO HealthNet for providing services currently covered and within the scope of chiropractic practice
SB 947 - Requires telecommunications companies to offer similar procedures for cancelling service as what is offered for acquiring service
SB 972 - Enacts provisions relating to documents and materials for health insurance enrollees
SB 1007 - Amends various requirements for public assistance programs administered by the state
HB 1898 - Establishes the Women's Heart Health Program to provide heart disease risk screenings to certain uninsured and underinsured women
HB 2252 - Extends the sunset on the tax credit for contributions to pregnancy resource centers

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