Missouri State Senate

Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Keaveny

SB 625 - Modifies provisions on child care subsidies
SB 658 - Creates a state and local sales tax exemption for sales of farm products made at farmers' markets
SB 697 - Allows St. Louis City to increase its semiannual registration fee for certain vacant property to $600
SB 701 - Prohibits all drivers, regardless of age, from text messaging while operating motor vehicles
SB 758 - Requires notes, bonds, and other instruments in writing issued by the Bi-State Development Agency to mature not more than 40 years from the date of issuance, rather than 30 years
SB 759 - Modifies Missouri Securities Act
SB 760 - Allows the Secretary of State to regulate the sale of variable annuities
SB 814 - Creates the crimes of assault of an employee of a mass transit system while in the scope of his or her duties in the first, second, and third degree
SB 835 - Modifies provisions relating to charter schools
SB 851 - Requires at least 4 days notice before voting by governing bodies of local governments on tax increases, eminent domain, and certain districts and projects
SB 865 - Provides for parent coordination in high conflict cases involving marriage, legal separation, paternity, or modification
SB 921 - Updates the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
SB 926 - Creates the Local Foods Initiative to encourage market opportunities for food produced close to its point of consumption
SB 982 - Enacts the Prevention First Act