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Bills Sponsored by Senator Cunningham

SB 41 - Creates the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act
SB 42 - Creates the Teacher Choice Compensation Package to provide performance-based salary stipends for participating teachers
SB 99 - Establishes the Predictable Property Tax Act
SB 200 - Modifies the law regarding stealing-related offenses
SB 201 - Modifies provisions relating to dog fighting
SB 231 - Exempts landlords from liability for loss or damage to tenants' personal property when executing an order for possession of premises
SB 232 - Prohibits certain public agencies and political subdivisions from discrimination based on an individual's elementary and secondary education program
SB 233 - Allows the State Board of Education to issue teacher certificates to certain individuals in the areas of banking and financial responsibility
SB 234 - Allows school districts to offer incentives or salary schedule modifications under certain circumstances
SB 235 - Modifies various provisions pertaining to manufactured homes and allows for the sale of deficiency waiver addendums with respect to certain loan transactions
SB 277 - Authorizes financial institutions to assign fiduciary obligations relating to irrevocable life insurance trusts
SB 278 - Modifies the job training program by expanding opportunities for pre-employment training
SB 450 - Requires public libraries to adopt policies on the placement of books and other materials that are obscene or pornographic for minors
SB 451 - Allows any winery, distiller, manufacturer, wholesaler or brewer to provide beverage samples on a licensed retail premises for tasting purposes
SB 452 - Allows qualified companies that file for bankruptcy protection to continue to receive quality jobs benefits provided certain conditions are met
SB 496 - Allows the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, at the discretion of the State Board of Education, to have authority over extracurricular competitive activities
SB 497 - Allows a school district receiving students from a district that does not maintain an accredited school to request that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education withhold delinquent tuition payments
SB 498 - Requires school districts to include in their school accountability report cards whether they have a gifted education program and have had one over the past three years
SB 499 - Requires public higher education institutions to annually report on steps taken to ensure intellectual diversity
SB 500 - Requires school districts to allow parents to withhold permission for students to participate in school-sponsored clubs and extracurricular activities
SB 501 - Limits increases in assessed value of residential real property until transfer of ownership
SB 502 - Establishes procedures for the evaluation of student credits when a student transfers to a public school from another educational setting
SB 503 - Allows two or more adjacent school districts to share a superintendent under certain circumstances
SB 504 - Requires students at public higher education institutions to pay the full cost of tuition if they take the same course more than twice
SB 505 - Prohibits a superintendent of an unaccredited or provisionally accredited school district from transferring a teacher if the principal of the receiving school refuses
SB 515 - Revises the conditions under which school districts may suspend or terminate teacher and administrator contracts in certain school districts
SB 516 - Modifies provisions relating to education personnel
SB 537 - Creates procedures for open enrollment across school district boundary lines for certain students
SJR 4 - Limits increases in assessed value of real property caused by reassessment until a transfer of ownership occurs
SJR 15 - Proposes a constitutional amendment providing that the General Assembly is not required to enact legislation to comply with a court order declaring that it raise taxes
SJR 18 - Limits increases in assessed valuation of real property caused by reassessment until a transfer of ownership occurs
HB 736 - Requires phone companies to provide call location information to law enforcement in emergency situations
HB 863 - Requires courts to accommodate child witnesses in certain judicial proceedings in several ways
HCR 16 - Strongly urges Congress to reject any asylum, containment, transport, imprisonment, or state medical care of any suspected terrorists released from United States operated foreign prisons

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