Missouri State Senate


SB 288 - This act modifies provisions of law which authorize a tax credit for qualified research expenses. The tax credit will be equal to ten percent of qualified research expenses incurred during the taxable year unless such expenses were incurred in a distressed community, in which case the credit will be equal to twenty-five percent of such expenses. Eligibility for receipt of the tax credit is limited to taxpayers with less than two hundred twenty-five employees, seventy-five percent of which must be employed within the state. Such taxpayers must be engaged, on a for-profit basis, in the development of medical instruments and devices, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, plant science products, pharmaceutical or veterinary products with agricultural applications, or other products derived from life or biomedical sciences in order to receive the credit. Under current law, no qualified research expense tax credits may be approved, awarded or issued after January 1, 2005.

This act removes the prohibition on approval and issuance of tax credits and increases the annual tax credit cap from nine million seven hundred thousand to ten million dollars provided that at least six million dollars in tax credits be authorized for qualified research expenses incurred in distressed communities. No more than five hundred thousand dollars may be allocated annually per taxpayer unless such taxpayer incurred the qualified research expenses in a distressed community in which case such taxpayer may not receive more than one million dollars in tax credits annually.