Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed

SS/SCS/SB 376 - This act creates the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) must allow electric companies to implement and recover costs related to PSC-approved energy efficiency programs. Cost recovery shall only occur when the program has been approved by the PSC, the program results in energy savings, and the program is beneficial to all customers in the class for which the program is proposed. In determining recovery of costs, the PSC shall use a cost-effectiveness test as described. The act allows the electric companies to implement certain programs that are paid for through alternate measures even if the programs do not meet the cost-effectiveness test.

The PSC may develop cost recovery methods to encourage further investments in energy efficiency programs, which may include capitalization of investments, rate design modifications, accelerated depreciation, and allowing the company to retain a portion of the net benefits for its shareholders. The PSC shall fairly apportion the costs and benefits of energy efficiency programs to each customer class except that it may reduce or exempt costs to low-income classes.

Customers may elect not to participate in an electric company's energy efficiency program and not be charged for the associated costs provided the customer meets certain criteria. Customers who elect not to participate will not be eligible to participate in the programs in the future, except as provided by rule by the PSC. Customers who participate in programs starting after August 1, 2009 must participate in the funding recovery for a certain period of time as established by rule by the PSC.

Electric companies must annually report on their energy efficiency activities under the act, with requirements as listed.

Electric companies must list out separately on its customers' bills the cost associated with its energy efficiency programs.

The act prohibits any customer from participating in a company's energy efficiency program that offers a monetary reward for participating if the customer has received a tax credit through the low-income housing or historic preservation tax credit programs. The PSC shall develop rules to prescribe documentation to be provided to the electric company by the customer to prove that he or she did not receive either such tax credit. It shall be a Class A misdemeanor for providing false documentation.

The PSC must develop rules that provide for public disclosure of all the recipients of monetary rewards through energy efficiency programs offered by electric companies under the act.

The act requires any appliance purchased by the state until August 28, 2011 to be an Energy Star rated appliance, unless it is cost-prohibitive.

The act removes the requirement that commissioners of the PSC must live within 45 miles of Jefferson City.

This act is similar to HB 882 (2009) and contains a provision similar to a provision in SCS/SB 430 (2009).


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