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Bills Sponsored by Senator Dempsey

SB 887 - Prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone under certain circumstances
SB 899 - Allows members of the public and certain electronic and computer businesses to access online identifying information of registered sex offenders in order to use the information to protect children from online sexual predators
SB 934 - Prohibits remuneration on a per-signature basis for initiative petition circulators
SB 946 - Creates the Tobacco Use Prevention, Cessation and Enforcement fund to fund a comprehensive tobacco control program
SB 966 - Provides additional workers' compensation benefits for public safety workers killed in the line of duty
SB 1032 - Modifies provisions relating to dangerous animal registration
SB 1053 - Imposes additional penalties for intoxication-related traffic offenses
SB 1054 - Modifies provisions relating to juvenile courts and juvenile court jurisdiction
SB 1064 - Authorizes a dependency exemption for stillborn children
SB 1073 - Creates a state and local sales and use tax exemption for defense articles sold to foreign governments
SB 1074 - Modifies liens for certain design professionals
SB 1139 - Revises the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
SB 1166 - Provides for cost of living increases for Department of Mental Health contracted community providers
SB 1168 - Revises the formula for computing a refund for credit insurance
SB 1239 - Makes eligibility for a driver's license for persons under 18 contingent upon documentation that the applicant has complied with school district standards
SB 1240 - Repeals certain liquor control provisions pertaining to wholesalers
SB 1283 - Creates the Missouri Health Transformation Act
HB 1320 - Allows community improvement districts, which are political subdivisions, to sponsor and operate a polytechnic institute for science and technology within the city or county that authorized the district
HB 1550 - Modifies provisions relating to courts
HB 1617 - Authorizes financial institutions to assign fiduciary obligations relating to irrevocable life insurance trusts
HB 1670 - Removes the requirement for certification by the Department of Natural Resources before a sales and use tax exemption applies to the purchase or lease of certain items used to monitor water and air pollution
HB 1893 - Changes the requirements for premium refund calculations on credit insurance

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