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Bills Sponsored by Senator Goodman

SB 765 - Modifies the process for incorporating a village
SB 766 - Criminalizes prenatal drug or alcohol use
SB 767 - Modifies provisions relating to the public defender system and the number of judges in various circuits
SB 815 - Creates the Farm Mentoring and Education Authority to administer agricultural education programs to incubate new farms
SB 816 - Allows Taney County and any city, town, or village within such county to form a Theater, Cultural Arts, and Entertainment District
SB 817 - Modifies provisions relating to anatomic pathology services and vision services
SB 916 - Requires hospitals to report adverse health events to a patient safety organization for review
SB 917 - Creates licensing requirements for prescribing psychologists
SB 918 - Prohibits certain requirements for immunosuppresive drugs under the MO HealthNet Program without the consent of the physician and patient
SB 921 - Adds coverage under the state legal expense fund for certain heath care professionals providing uncompensated service at summer camps
SB 922 - Modifies the crime of making a false declaration
SB 957 - Repeals the requirement that rental and leasing facilities provide personal property lists for certain property
SB 958 - Allows rural electric cooperatives to manage vegetation within specified areas to ensure reliable service
SB 959 - Requires court personnel to redact Social Security numbers from certain court records prior to disclosure to the public
SB 960 - Adds a circuit judge to the thirty-ninth judicial circuit
SRB 961 - Repeals existing provisions of law that have expired, sunset, terminated or become ineffective
SB 1055 - Reinstates the Motorist Insurance Identification Database program which expired on June 30, 2007
SB 1077 - Modifies law that limit indemnity agreements in construction work contracts
SB 1171 - Places a two year moratorium upon the issuance of new licenses to operate excursion gambling boats
SB 1172 - Modifies various provisions relating to weapons
SB 1174 - Provides that covenants for transfer fees on real estate shall be unenforceable against subsequent owners
SB 1175 - Modifies various provisions of law relating to the Missouri Housing Development Commission
SB 1194 - Increases the punishment for forcibe rape or sodomy of a child under the age of twelve to be either death or life imprisonment without probation or parole
SB 1195 - Requires written test for a hazardous materials endorsement to be administered in English and prohibits the use of language interpreters in connection with it
SB 1196 - Requires public bodies to provide requested public records in a certain format if the record cannot be altered by the recipient of the record
SB 1199 - Allows health carriers to offer limited mandate health insurance policies to persons who have had their employment terminated
SB 1204 - Requires the governor to disclose information regarding tax credits and state contracts
SB 1205 - Creates a sales and use tax exemption for utilities, machinery and equipment purchased by certain businesses
SB 1206 - Requires local governments to provide 72 hours notice for public meetings
SB 1207 - Modifies provisions regarding the sprinkler system requirements for long-term care facilities
SB 1208 - Repeals the current procedures regarding criminal activity forfeiture actions and establishes new procedures
SB 1237 - Provides that the filing of criminal charges are not a prerequisite for release on bail
SB 1238 - Expands the crime of resisting arrest, stop, or detention
SB 1257 - Creates new criminal penalties for killing or assaulting a highway worker
SB 1258 - Modifies provisions relating to protections for senior citizens, disabled persons, and children
HB 1332 - Establishes provisions regarding pharmacy audits
HB 1380 - Authorizes allocation of property taxes to senior center
HB 1423 - Toughens ignition interlock device law for certain repeat offenders and allows prior pleas and other dispositions to be used to enhance the punishment of intoxication-related traffic offenders
HB 1469 - Modifies the law regarding certain environmental appeals transferred to the Administrative Hearing Commission
HB 1516 - Changes the laws regarding protections for vulnerable adults and children and transfers the Division of Aging from the Department of Social Services to the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB 1611 - Establishes a children's bill of courtroom rights
HB 1616 - Modifies an exception to those required to be licensed as real estate brokers
HB 1640 - Provides for exceptions to the requirement for issuing a new birth certificate following adoption
HB 1649 - Requires registered sex offenders to obtain driver's licenses with unique codes and limits license to a one-year period
HB 1869 - Requires the Missouri Revisor of Statutes to change all references of the term "junior college" to "community college" in the Revised Statutes of Missouri
HB 1904 - Modifies various provisions of law relating to financial limitations placed on boards and commissions
HB 1983 - Authorizes the conversion of certain business organizations
HB 2328 - Exempts purchases of utilities by certain businesses operated in former mines from sales tax, establishes the Regional Economic Development Initiative Tax Credit Program
HB 2590 - Modifies various provisions relating to civil actions against government entities, agents, officers, and employees

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