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Bills Sponsored by Senator Crowell

SB 750 - Denies issuance of driver's licenses to illegal aliens
SB 751 - Requires applicants to prove citizenship, permanent residence, or lawful presence in order to receive state or local public benefits
SB 752 - Defines the term "job order contract"
SB 803 - Precludes actions for wrongful death when the deceased adjudicated or settled claims during his or her lifetime
SB 804 - Allows the state auditor to audit any school district in the same manner as any agency of the state
SB 965 - Requires completion of American history and literature classes in order to graduate from a public higher education institution
SB 993 - Creates the Missouri Special Needs Scholarship Tax Credit Program
SB 994 - Modifies provisions relating to compensation for education personnel
SB 995 - Modifies provisions relating to liability for school employees and volunteers
SB 996 - Allows certain health insurance pool members to transfer any current or unused accumulated credits or offsets to their affiliates.
SB 997 - Removes certain limitations from investments made by boards of trustees of police and firemen's retirement systems
SB 998 - Prohibits convicted felons whose civil rights have been restored from participating in jury service
SB 1050 - Establishes the Asbestos and Silica Claims Priorities Act
SB 1051 - Modifies provisions relating to the review of long-term care facility projects under the certificate of need program
SB 1125 - Exempts military retirement benefits from income tax
SB 1152 - Creates the Minimum Salary Fund for Teachers to provide minimum salary supplements to public school teachers
SB 1153 - Modifies provisions relating to several public employee retirement systems
SB 1154 - Allows teacher and school retirement systems to indemnify and protect trustees and employees
SB 1155 - Modifies provisions relating to the investment of funds for teacher and school employee retirement systems
SB 1156 - Modifies provisions relating to teacher and school employee retirement systems
SB 1165 - Provides that certain persons may not be required to disclose news sources or information
SB 1179 - Authorizes the Missouri Veterans' Commission to promulgate any rules necessary to administer current laws regarding the creation and maintenance of veterans' cemeteries
SB 1180 - Modifies provisions of law authorizing an income tax exemption for certain retirement benefits
SB 1197 - Requires drug screening and testing for TANF applicants and recipients
SB 1202 - Allows lenders to charge for home and auto security plans
SB 1236 - Allows hunting and fishing permit applicants to receive a voter registration application form as part of the application for such permits
SJR 34 - Creates an exception to the prohibition against laws retrospective in operation by allowing the sexual offender registry laws to be applied retrospectively
HB 1309 - Allows any family member older than 21 years of age to give written permission for a temporary instruction permit application and to occupy the seat beside the driver with a temporary permit
HB 1677 - Allows political subdivisions to elect to cover certain personnel as members of the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System
HB 1774 - Increases the maximum percentage of increase in annual compensation for certain members of the Public School Retirement System
HB 1788 - Authorizes an income tax deduction from a taxpayer's Missouri adjusted gross income for 100% of any military retirement income, regardless of age or income
HB 1972 - Modifies provisions relating to compensation for education personnel
HB 2104 - Modifies laws relating to several public employee retirement systems
HB 2321 - Modifies the law relating to elections
HJR 55 - Proposes a constitutional amendment reaffirming a citizen's right to free expression of religion on public property

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