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Bills Sponsored by Senator Kennedy

SB 717 - Increases the amount of tax credits available for taxpayers who modify their home for disabled persons residing with such taxpayers
SB 718 - Modifies provisions of certain tax credit programs administered by the Department of Economic Development
SB 719 - Requires publishers of instructional materials to provide electronic copies of such materials for specialized uses
SB 947 - Increases the cap on amount of aviation generated revenue that may be deposited in state aviation trust fund and expands purposes for which moneys in the aviation trust fund may be used
SB 956 - Modifies provisions relating to public water supply districts
SB 1048 - Modifies the law regarding trademark application and registration
SB 1049 - Expands sales tax exemption purchases of tangible personal property used in the repair and maintenance of aircraft
SB 1070 - Allows the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners to develop a physical strength test for police officers
SB 1104 - Grants immunity to law enforcement agencies for damages caused by criminals involved in vehicle pursuits
SB 1271 - Modifies provisions relating to the public administrator of St. Louis City
SB 1272 - Governs the treatment of quality of care data between health carriers and health care providers
HB 1310 - Modifies the filings for independent candidates
HB 1881 - Changes the length of the term of office for the initially appointed directors of public water supply districts
HB 2058 - Provides tax incentives for business development

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