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Bills Sponsored by Senator Smith

SB 779 - Requires the state to provide fully subsidized preschool for certain children
SB 780 - Modifies provisions on human sexuality and sexually transmitted disease education courses
SB 781 - Modifies various provisions relating to landlords, tenants, and real property
SB 827 - Allows increased starting salaries for math, science, special education, ESL teachers in a metropolitan school district
SB 828 - Requires unaccredited and provisionally accredited school districts to adopt a dress code requiring students to wear a school uniform
SB 829 - Requires the St. Louis city school district to have an 18 to 1 teacher to student ratio for kindergarten to third grade
SB 852 - Creates an earned income tax credit
SB 853 - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
SB 964 - Creates the Show Me Green Sales Tax Holiday and provides financial assistance for voluntary energy audits
SB 1027 - Modifies enrollment provisions for charter schools whose mission includes drop-out prevention or recovery
SB 1071 - Creates a method to publicly finance election campaigns for legislative and gubernatorial candidates
SB 1086 - Creates a tax credit for contributions to certain after school programs
SB 1117 - Creates the "Show Me Green" sales tax holiday
SB 1182 - Creates the Missouri 4 For More Program to allow four hours of paid leave per month for parents to work with their children in school
SB 1282 - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to contract with an online test preparation company for a customized ACT preparation course for high school juniors
SCR 38 - Urges the U.S. Congress not to grant retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies who have participated in unlawful surveillance of their customers

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