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Bills Sponsored by Senator Days

SB 744 - Amends laws relating to unsecured loans of $500 or less
SB 745 - Authorizes a court to appoint a standby guardian for a minor or an incapacitated adult
SB 746 - Mandates health insurance coverage for morbid obesity
SB 799 - Enacts provisions on children's mental health
SB 800 - Creates a commission to study the death penalty in Missouri and prohibits use of the death penalty for a time period
SB 925 - Modifies provisions relating to school district procedures.
SB 1082 - Modifies the ballot requirements for elections
SB 1116 - Authorizes the issuance of an additional $40 million in bonds for certain water-related grants and loans
SB 1132 - Allows adopted persons eighteen and over to obtain copies of their original birth certificate under certain circumstances
SB 1251 - Creates an advance voting system for elections
SB 1252 - Extends the distance requirements for electioneering and polling
HB 1804 - Modifies certain provisions relating to home-rule cities and third class cities
HB 2114 - Modifies the ballot requirements for elections

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