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Bills Sponsored by Senator Bartle

SB 735 - Requires mandatory review and sunset of certain tax credit programs
SB 736 - Requires school districts to adopt policies for the testing of student athletes for the unlawful use of a controlled substance, including but not limited to anabolic steroids
SB 737 - Regulates sexually oriented businesses
SB 793 - Allows Department of Transportation to construct toll roads under certain conditions
SB 794 - Modifies provisions relating to the DNA profiling system
SB 795 - Modifies the time when a search may be conducted pursuant to a warrant
SB 833 - Allows school districts to pay stipends to math and science teachers and allows licensing of teachers with a math or science degree
SB 834 - Creates penalties for owners of dogs that injure people or property and creates an absolute defense against civil liability or prosecution for killing a dog in certain circumstances
SB 1065 - Restricts operation of certain sized vessels near docks and other structure and modifies the duties of boat dock owners toward the public
SB 1259 - Requires drug testing for TANF applicants and recipients based upon reasonable suspicion
SB 1260 - Requires communities establishing and licensing a geographical information system to provide information regarding costs to license the system
SJR 31 - Proposes constitutional change to allow Department of Transportation to construct and maintain toll roads
SJR 32 - Creates the Missouri Savings Account in the Constitution

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