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Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Kennedy

SB 711 - Modifies provisions regarding property taxation
SB 782 - Reinstates federal standards for overtime wages
SB 818 - Modifies various provisions relating to stalking and harassment
SB 840 - Modifies the state do-not-call list and creates "paid for by" requirements for political phone calls
SB 991 - Establishes the ice cream cone as the official state dessert
SB 1062 - Modifies requirements for corporate filings
SB 1115 - Creates a collective bargaining process for public employees
SB 1188 - Modifies provisions of the qualified research expense tax credit program
SB 1229 - Requires certain health carriers to provide insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder under certain conditions
SB 1277 - Allows electric and gas corporations to recover expenses for approved energy efficiency investments
SB 1283 - Creates the Missouri Health Transformation Act
SCR 35 - Urges the U.S. Congress to support the continuation of horse processing in the United States

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