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Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Bray

SB 780 - Modifies provisions on human sexuality and sexually transmitted disease education courses
SB 807 - Bars public officials from receiving expenditures from lobbyists
SB 808 - Limits the types of individuals and organizations to whom the director of the department of revenue may award fee office contracts
SB 887 - Prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone under certain circumstances
SB 948 - Clarifies the duty of pharmacies to fill prescriptions
SB 1021 - Changes the laws regarding midwives and the practice of midwifery
SB 1056 - Modifies the membership on the Missouri Housing Development Commission
SB 1062 - Modifies requirements for corporate filings
SB 1084 - Eliminates penalization for state transportation aid for school districts operating magnet schools as part of a master desegregation settlement agreement
SB 1085 - Allows school districts to participate in the A+ Schools Program irrespective of their accreditation status
SB 1132 - Allows adopted persons eighteen and over to obtain copies of their original birth certificate under certain circumstances
SB 1188 - Modifies provisions of the qualified research expense tax credit program
SB 1215 - Enacts the Prevention First Act

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