Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 1109 - This act modifies the scope of practice for licensed professional counselors.

The practice of professional counseling is redefined to include:

• Individual, group, and marriage and family counseling and psychotherapy.

• Assessment for the purpose of establishing diagnosis or treatment goals and objectives;

• Crisis intervention.

• Diagnosis of persons with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.

• Planning, implementing, and evaluating treatment plans using counseling treatment interventions.

• Facilitating the achievement of more effective intrapersonal, marital, decisional, social, education, vocational, developmental, or rehabilitative adjustments throughout the life span.

• Utilization of functional assessment and counseling for persons requesting assistance in adjustment to a disability or handicapping condition.

• Consulting, Research and Referral.

• The use of specific methods, techniques, or modalities within the practice of professional counseling is restricted to professional counselors appropriately trained in the use of such methods, techniques, or modalities, and licensed as a professional counselor or under supervision for licensure as a professional counselor.

The act requires a showing of additional education and training for current licensees in the assessment and diagnosis of persons with mental or emotional disorders as deemed necessary by the committee for professional counselors.


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