SCS/SB 1008 - This act allows the director of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Professional Registration to promulgate rules establishing the specific delivery method for submissions of rate filings, rules, license applications, and other insurance-related filings. The types of delivery methods shall be web-based interface systems such as the System for Electronic Rate Form Filing (SERFF), the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Internet-State Interface Technology Enhancement (I-SITE). The act also provides that the filings of records and signatures is authorized when carried out in a manner consistent with the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. The act also allows automobile insurers to send automobile policy renewal notices electronically, if requested by the policyholder, as an alternative to sending such notices by first class mail. The act allows the policyholder to revert back to receiving the notice by first class mail.


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