SB 943 - Under Sections 305.400 to 305.410 (Airport Zoning Law), cities, towns and villages are prohibited from annexing land located within an airport zone in Greene County. This prohibition does not apply to the city of Springfield which owns the airport. Under this act, a city, town or village may annex land within an airport zone if it enters into an agreement with the City of Springfield to adopt Springfield’s airport zoning ordinance and agrees to enforce and administer such ordinance. If the city, town or village fails to enforce Springfield's airport zoning ordinance, then such political subdivisions shall be subject to various legal remedies (injunction, quo warranto, mandamus, etc.).

Under the act, the powers of the board of adjustment may be vested in a board consisting of members from Springfield and members from the city, town or village annexing land located within the airport zone. The concurring vote of eight members of the board is necessary to reverse administrative official decisions or to approve ordinance variations.


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