Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 781 - This act provides that no landlord, nor his or her successors, assigns, agents or representatives shall be liable for any loss or damages to household goods, furnishings, fixtures, or any other personal property left at or in the dwelling by reason of the landlord's removal or disposal of the property under a court-ordered execution for possession of premises.

The act also provides that if, after the sheriff has completed the court-ordered execution, property is left by the tenant in or at the dwelling that is identified as the property of a third party, the landlord shall make a reasonable effort to notify such third party, who shall be given the opportunity to recover such property within five business days of the date such notice is received. If the landlord is unable to notify the third party, he or she may dispose of the property and shall incur no liability for loss or damage thereto.

This act is similar to SCS/SB 629 (2007).


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