Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/HCS/HB 2048 – This act creates the Textbook Transparency Act. It requires college textbook publishers to provide, upon request, to faculty members or adopters at an approved public institution of higher education information about the publisher's products. Such information includes pricing, substantial content revisions between editions, copyright dates of all previous editions within the previous ten years, whether the products are available in any other format. Publishers that sell textbooks with supplemental material must also make such items available separately with separate pricing. In addition, approved public institutions of higher education, as described in the act, must develop a policy, where feasible, that allows students to use financial aid not used for tuition and fees to purchase required textbooks at stores on the campus. It requires approved institutions of higher education to encourage faculty members or adopters to place initial textbook orders with sufficient time to promote effective use of course materials and promote cost efficiencies for students.


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