Missouri State Senate
Senate Interim Committee on Availability, Affordability and Wellness Promotion in Healthcare

Established pursuant to the Missouri Constitution.

The committee shall consist of five members, three Republicans and two Democrats, and will be responsible for studying Availability, Affordability and Wellness Promotion in Healthcare. The duties of the committee shall be:

1) To study the portability of health insurance for individuals.
2) To examine ways to provide incentives for better health outcomes for individuals with chronic diseases, increased utilitization of appropriate preventative health services, promote and increase the adoption of health information technology systems, and ways to reduce medical errors.
3) To examine various purchasing pools for individuals and groups and the costs of benefit plans presented to employers.
4) To study the factors contributing to individuals being unable to afford health insurance and the ability of some small businesses to afford and provide insurance.
5) To study the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the prevention of illness and identifying what individuals, communities, governments and the private sector can do to assist individuals in improving their health.
6) To examine the improvement and promotion of worksite and school district wellness programs, which have the potential to reduce the cost of health care over the long term.
7) To identify the health risks associated with obesity and its impact on costs, health outcomes, and medical care.
8) To collect data on projected healthcare and medical insurance costs stemming from obesity-related diseases among children, including diabetes.
9) To research incentive programs that will increase the number of underrepresented healthcare providers, such as nurses and other allied health professions and attract them to health professional shortage areas in Missouri.

The committee shall be staffed by counsel from Senate Research and may hold public hearings at locations to be determined by the chairman. Reasonable, actual and necessary expenses of the committee shall be reimbursed by the Missouri Senate.

The committee shall issue a report and make recommendations, as deemed appropriate by a majority of the members of the committee, to the general assembly for legislative action no later than January 26, 2007.

  • Report of the Committee

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