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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mayer

SB 155 - Requires certain identifying information to be expunged by the Division of Family Services
SB 291 - Modifies prevailing wage law
SB 317 - Changes provisions regarding the state highway patrol retirement system
SB 365 - Provides health insurance coverage for phase I and phase II clinical trials for cancer treatment
SB 407 - Modifies definition of "owner" in beneficiary deeds
SB 418 - Exempts misdemeanors for vehicle registration from required judgments paid to the "Crime Victims' Compensation Fund"
SB 419 - Provides that certain records maintained in a court concerning alcohol-related driving offenses are confidential
SB 420 - Modifies numerous provisions regarding judicial procedures and personnel
SB 495 - Notification given to a crime victim must utilize the statewide automated crime victim notification system
SB 496 - Removes the Corrections Officer Certification Commission's ability to make decisions concerning jailers
SB 497 - Transfers Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the State Highway Patrol to the Department of Public Safety
SB 498 - Amends sales and use tax exemption for aircraft sales to not-for-profit organizations
SB 499 - Provides that judgments entered by an associate circuit court which shall constitute a lien
SB 550 - Creates a tax credit for donations to certain religious and charitable organizations
SB 551 - Adds a definition for emergency as it relates to removal of a child from the home
SB 552 - Allows the medical malpractice Joint Underwriting Association to issue various types of medical malpractice policies and refund surcharges
SB 553 - Includes llamas, alpaca, and buffalo in the definition of livestock
SCR 5 - Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri
SR 901 - Urges Congress to adopt the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005
HB 53 - Designates one highway and three bridge after prominent Missourians
HB 443 - Alters provisions regarding the Public School Retirement System
HCR 23 - Directs the Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri be posted annually on the Missouri state Internet website homepage.

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