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Bills Sponsored by Senator Bartle

SB 31 - Allows the Department of Transportation to construct toll roads under certain conditions
SB 32 - Regulates sexually oriented businesses
SB 33 - Alters provisions of the administrative law judges (ALJ) retirement system
SB 79 - Increases the gambling boat admission fees
SB 80 - Dedicates at least 10% of future TIF increments to schools affected by the TIF
SB 81 - Removes the line 1(b) calculation in the school foundation formula
SB 102 - Certain school districts shall be reimbursed fully for costs associated with offering certain special educational services
SB 103 - Allows school districts to convene a committee of their board in order to rule on pupil residency waiver requests
SB 104 - Allows parental rights to be terminated for the domestic murder of a spouse
SB 115 - Alters provisions regarding pupil enrollment hearings
SB 116 - Establishes the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 123 - Modifies provisions relating to corporate stock issuance and sales of corporate assets and allows not-for-profit corporations to apply for reinstatement after forfeiture for failing to file an annual report
SB 160 - Prohibits human cloning
SB 165 - Changes the procedure for appeal of a Public Service Commission order
SB 322 - Prohibits adults from allowing minors to drink or failing to stop minors from drinking on their property
SB 323 - Establishes the eligibility criteria for grants to umbilical cord blood banks
SB 341 - Limites certificate of need to only long-term care facilities
SB 342 - Authorizes municipal courts to contract with certain entities for probation services
SB 343 - Changes the laws regarding job development programs administered by the Department of Economic Development
SB 373 - Amends provisions dealing with members of the board of directors for the Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company
SB 421 - Requires a verified petition be submitted in order to form a transportation district
SB 422 - Requires expunged records to be confidential
SB 423 - Creates new provisions and makes modifications to the DNA profiling system
SB 438 - Makes production of meth in the home of a minor child endangerment in the first degree
SB 439 - Modifies the statute on endangerment of a child in the second degree
SB 534 - Modifies procedure for replacement of absent municipal judges
SB 536 - Modifies law regarding landlord disposition of tenant property
SB 537 - Requires cash bond to be posted in certain landlord and tenant actions
SB 538 - Modifies civil procedure requirements for various landlord/tenant actions
SJR 6 - Creates the Missouri Savings Account in the Constitution
SJR 7 - Abolishes the Highway Commission and replaces it with a Director of Transportation
SJR 8 - Preserves an individual's right to hunt and fish
SJR 11 - Proposes a constitutional change to allow the Department of Transportation to construct and maintain toll roads
SJR 13 - Reduces the number of representatives from 163 to 99 and the number of senators from 34 to 33
SJR 18 - Grants the power to determine public school funding exclusively to the General Assembly and Governor, not the Judiciary
HB 321 - Creates the Assistive Technology Trust Fund and places requirements upon the Assistive Technology Advisory Council
HB 353 - Modifies provisions relating to crime
HB 361 - Exempts traffic violation cases from the $15 surcharge used for the DNA profiling analysis of convicted felons
HB 362 - Requires expunged records to be confidential
HB 473 - Allows school districts to convene a committee of their board in order to rule on pupil residency waiver requests
HB 678 - Outlines various provisions regarding uncertificated shares of stock and shareholder remedies
HB 688 - Modifies provisions for the continuance of judicial proceedings for members of the General Assembly

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