SB 98 - This act generates several alterations to the state's higher education policy. Most notably, the act would rename Southwest Missouri State University, Missouri Western State College, Harris-Stowe State College, and Missouri Southern State University-Joplin.

SECTION 174.020 - This section renames Missouri Western State College as Missouri Western State University; Southwest Missouri State University as Missouri State University; Harris-Stowe State College as Harris-Stowe State University; and Missouri Southern State University - Joplin as Missouri Southern State University.

SECTION 174.241 - This section eliminates the board of regents of Missouri Western State College.

SECTION 174.250 - This section expands Missouri Western State University’s district boundary to Buchanan County and counties contiguous to Buchanan County.

SECTION 174.251 - This section designates Missouri Western State University as a statewide institution of applied learning.

SECTION 174.324 - This section reemphasizes that any new masters degree program offered at Missouri Western State University or any other public institution of higher education in this state must be approved by the coordinating board for higher education.

SECTION 174.450 - This section adds Missouri Western State University to the list of institutions that are charged with a statewide mission and governed by a board of governors. The section also changes the composition of the governing board of the renamed Missouri State University from eight members to ten.

SECTION 174.453 - This section formulates new qualifications for the Board of Governors of Missouri Western State University.

Five voting members shall be selected from the following counties: Buchanan, Platte, Clinton, Andrew, and DeKalb provided that no more than three of these five members shall be appointed from any one county. Two voting members shall be selected from any of the counties in the state which are outside of the aforementioned counties.

Further, the section grandfathers current board members in regard to the county residency requirement.


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