SB 451 - This act requires the prosecuting or circuit attorney to impanel an adult abuse fatality review panel to investigate deaths relating to suspected adult abuse. The panel shall be formed and operate according to the department of social services guidelines. The panel shall include the prosecuting or circuit attorney, the coroner or medical examiner, a representative of law enforcement personnel, a representative of the division of family services, a public health care provider, and an emergency medical services provider.

The panel may also review at its own discretion any death reported to it by the medical examiner or coroner, even if the death does not meet criteria for review as set forth by the department.

The panel shall issue a final report, which shall be a public record, of each investigation to the department of social services, state technical assistance teams and to the director of the Department of Health and Senior Services. The departments shall make recommendations and develop programs to prevent adult abuse injuries and deaths.


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