SB 319 - This act sets out penalty provisions for claimants found to be in violation of a company's alcohol or controlled substance policy. The provisions do not apply to claimant's who are subject to the provisions of any collective bargaining agreement which already include alcohol or drug testing. The act lays out criteria and guidelines for testing. There is no requirement for a finding of evidence of impairment of work performance in order for a positive test to qualify as misconduct connect with work.

The act also includes provisions regarding payment of benefits. Additionally, this act provides for the recalculation of rates and liabilities for transfers of a trade or business between common owners. Provides new employer-rate assignments for individuals, organizations and employing units who acquire a business solely or primarily for the purpose of obtaining a lower rate of contribution. Creates penalties for knowingly violating or attempting to violate the provisions of this act or any other provision relating to unemployment compensation including assignment to the maximum base rate and civil monetary penalties.


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