SB 81 - This act removes the line 1(b) formula calculation (which currently determines an entitlement amount for any portion of a levy above the minimum-required levy) and alter the line 1(a) calculation accordingly, so that a district's entitlement would be the product of: multiplying the number of eligible pupils by the district's operating levy for school purposes multiplied by the guaranteed tax base per eligible pupil times the proration factor.

In other words, under the provisions of this act, should the formula be underfunded, all of the districts' entitlements will be calculated utilizing the same proration factor, regardless of the levy a district imposes. The current formula, if underfunded, applies a lower proration factor when calculating the portion of a district's entitlement which is above $2.75. Therefore, this legislation will lessen the financial impact (for districts with operating levies above $2.75) should the formula possess a proration factor of less than 1.0.

This act is identical to SB 764 (2004).


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