2005 Senate Bills

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SB 1 - Loudon - Amends various provisions of workers' compensation law
SB 2 - Loudon - Modifies laws relating to abortion
SB 3 - Loudon - Allows the full amount of adoption tax credites to be issued regardless of whether the adoption is an in-state or out-of-state adoption
SB 4 - Klindt - Repeals voting a straight party ticket
SB 5 - Klindt - Ensures adequate electric service to areas to be annexed
SB 6 - Klindt - Establishes the Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Commission
SB 7 - Dougherty - Modifies various provisions relating to lead poisoning
SB 8 - Dougherty - Creates the "Children's Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council"
SB 9 - Dougherty - Amends the offense of distributing a controlled substance near schools to include long-term and child care facilities
SB 10 - Cauthorn - Requires pseudoephedrine products to be sold by a pharmacist or technician
SB 11 - Cauthorn - Certain state employees' compensation would automatically adjust according to the consumer price index level
SB 12 - Cauthorn - Exempts motorcyclists age 21 and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle
SB 13 - Kennedy - Authorizes tax check-off for contributions to Missouri Military Family Relief Fund
SB 14 - Kennedy - Recognizes "registered nurse first assistants" and authorizes the Board of Nursing to certify such practitioners
SB 15 - Kennedy - Provides a tax credit for modifying a home for a disabled person
SB 16 - Coleman - Eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing for certain felons
SB 17 - Coleman - Allows defendants to assert legal or equitable defenses, setoffs, or counterclaims in unlawful detainer actions
SB 18 - Coleman - Exempts military pensions from state income tax
SB 19 - Shields - Renames both Missouri Western State College and Missouri Southern State University-Joplin
SB 20 - Shields - Creates a tax credit for teachers' related out-of-pocket expenses
SB 21 - Shields - Modifies laws of adoption and creates the "Putative Father Registry" fund
SB 22 - Griesheimer - Changes motor vehicle emission requirements
SB 23 - Griesheimer - Creates criminal use of property by operating audiovisual recording devices while in a movie
SB 24 - Griesheimer - Places an expiration date on $10 court fee imposed on most cases in Franklin County
SB 25 - Champion - Renames "Southwest Missouri State University" as "Missouri State University"
SB 26 - Champion - Increases the resource limits for public assistance eligibility for single and married persons
SB 27 - Champion - Creates new requirements when selling pseudoephedrine products at pharmacies
SB 28 - Dolan - Modifies language regarding anti-kickback penalties and certain pharmaceutical companies and establishes the "Well-Being committee" to aid pharmacies
SB 29 - Dolan - Prohibits conditional granting of permits or licenses upon billboard removal without just compensation
SB 30 - Dolan - Makes the installation of airbags that do not meet federal safety standards a Class D felony
SB 31 - Bartle - Allows the Department of Transportation to construct toll roads under certain conditions
SB 32 - Bartle - Regulates sexually oriented businesses
SB 33 - Bartle - Alters provisions of the administrative law judges (ALJ) retirement system
SB 34 - Clemens - Amends the definition of employer and employment as it pertains to unemployment compensation
SB 35 - Clemens - WITHDRAWN
SB 36 - Nodler - Increases the number of voting members on the governing board of Missouri Southern State University-Joplin
SB 37 - Nodler - Modifies various provisions concerning alcohol related offenses
SB 38 - Nodler - Adds highway designations within Newton and Jasper County
SB 39 - Bray - Closes the drug benefit coverage gap that was created due to the enactment of the Medicare Act of 2003
SB 40 - Bray - Prohibits any governmental entity from interfering with the right to obtain or use contraceptives
SB 41 - Bray - Creates the crime of negligent storage of a firearm
SB 42 - Days - Modifies provisions regarding early childhood special education
SB 43 - Days - Modifies laws regarding the use of credit scores by insurance companies
SB 44 - Wheeler - Creates a tax deduction for organ donation
SB 45 - Purgason - Certain appointees must serve 75% of a term in order to qualify for Administrative Law Judge retirement system benefits
SB 46 - Purgason - Prohibits the Department of Natural Resources from requiring that public water system reports be mailed to customers
SB 47 - Crowell - Modifies the state sales tax holiday law
SB 48 - Crowell - Freezes tuition rates from the time Missouri undergraduates enter college until they graduate
SB 49 - Crowell - Prohibits immunizations containing mercury preservatives after January 1, 2007
SB 50 - Taylor - Requires proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote
SB 51 - Taylor - Changes the penalty for offenses concerning unauthorized recordings
SB 52 - Loudon - Prohibits recovery of noneconomic damages for injuries incurred during certain motor vehicle violations
SB 53 - Loudon - Requires appointment of St. Louis City circuit clerk
SB 54 - Loudon - Repeals the option of voting a straight party ticket
SB 55 - Klindt - Makes information collected in the course of an insurance compliance audit privileged information
SB 56 - Klindt - Amends and reinstates the waste tire fee
SB 57 - Klindt - Exempts certain employees from holding a title insurance license
SB 58 - Dougherty - Modifies recording fees and their use
SB 59 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes
SB 60 - Dougherty - Increases the foster care reimbursement and the adoption subsidy rates over a four-year period
SB 61 - Cauthorn - Specifies that sales at prison stores are subject to tax
SB 62 - Cauthorn - Protects hand fishing
SB 63 - Cauthorn - Exempts pension and retirement income of seniors from state income tax
SB 64 - Kennedy - Creates the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance Act
SB 65 - Coleman - Allows courts to order convicted persons to pay costs associated with prostitution-related arrests
SB 66 - Coleman - Establishes a tuition grant program for children of deceased military members
SB 67 - Coleman - Changes the definition of "prostitution-related offense"
SB 68 - Shields - Creates a sales tax exemption for certain college athletic events
SB 69 - Shields - Authorizes the conveyance of land in Jackson County to Kansas City
SB 70 - Shields - Modifies the BUILD tax credit program, tax increment financing, the quality jobs program, the local economic development sales tax, and health insurance claims history
SB 71 - Griesheimer - Changes which state employees may receive paid leave for volunteering as a disaster service volunteer
SB 72 - Griesheimer - Requires insurance companies to provide coverage for computerized prosthetic devices
SB 73 - Champion - Allows county law enforcement agencies to have sexual offender registry websites
SB 74 - Champion - Creates new provisions with respect to the Department of Health and Senior Services
SB 75 - Champion - Closes the drug benefit coverage gap that was created due to the enactment of the Medicare Act of 2003
SB 76 - Dolan - Imposes additional surcharges and driver's license suspensions on any person failing to yield the right-of-way
SB 77 - Dolan - Makes numerous revisions to the Missouri Transportation Development District Act
SB 78 - Dolan - Denies municipal courts from granting suspended imposition of sentences for certain prior/persistent offenders
SB 79 - Bartle - Increases the gambling boat admission fees
SB 80 - Bartle - Dedicates at least 10% of future TIF increments to schools affected by the TIF
SB 81 - Bartle - Removes the line 1(b) calculation in the school foundation formula
SB 82 - Bray - Requires applicants for Medicaid and CHIPs to identify the proposed beneficiary's employer
SB 83 - Bray - Enacts various changes to medical malpractice liability
SB 84 - Bray - Modifies paperwork requirements in the formation of a new political party
SB 85 - Crowell - Establishes the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 86 - Crowell - Changes the deadline for filing exceptions to a condemnation commissioners' report
SB 87 - Klindt - Prohibits A+ reimbursements from being issued to any four-year institution of higher learning
SB 88 - Klindt - Exempts certain food sales from food inspection laws
SB 89 - Dougherty - Allows foster children to receive a tuition and fee waiver to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 90 - Dougherty - Authorizes advanced practice nurses to prescribe certain controlled substances
SB 91 - Dougherty - Allows certain private vocational, technical schools and certain proprietary schools to receive A+ reimbursements
SB 92 - Cauthorn - Allows members of the NRA to obtain specialized license plates
SB 93 - Cauthorn - Creates the crime of endangering a corrections employee
SB 94 - Cauthorn - Creates the Respect Life license plate and establishes a fund to promote alternatives to abortion
SB 95 - Coleman - Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB 96 - Coleman - Makes damage to a motor vehicle while breaking in with intent to steal first degree property damage
SB 97 - Coleman - Changes the name of Harris-Stowe State College to Harris-Stowe State University
SB 98 - Champion - Changes the names of various higher education institutions
SB 99 - Champion - Modifies the procedure of the Joint Committee on Economic Development policy and planning
SB 100 - Champion - Revises licensing requirements for speech language pathologists and audiologists
SB 101 - Dolan - Adjusts the motor fuel tax for inflation on an annual basis beginning in 2005
SB 102 - Bartle - Certain school districts shall be reimbursed fully for costs associated with offering certain special educational services
SB 103 - Bartle - Allows school districts to convene a committee of their board in order to rule on pupil residency waiver requests
SB 104 - Bartle - Allows parental rights to be terminated for the domestic murder of a spouse
SB 105 - Bray - Permits underage culinary students to taste, but not consume, certain alcoholic beverages as required by a curriculum
SB 106 - Bray - Modifies law regarding residential property insurance
SB 107 - Bray - The Office of Administration may only contract with telemarketers who operate in the United States
SB 108 - Dougherty - Modifies the taxes for community services for children
SB 109 - Dougherty - Alters provisions regarding teacher tenure
SB 110 - Dougherty - Requires health insurance reimbursement of certain licensed professional counselors at same rate as psychologists
SB 111 - Cauthorn - Broadens disqualifying misconduct in employment law and allows some individuals to waive the protections of the workers' compensation law for religious reasons
SB 112 - Coleman - Formulates a procedure for recalling school board members
SB 113 - Coleman - Extends powers to civilian review boards that investigate allegations of misconduct by local law enforcement officers
SB 114 - Champion - Alters the composition of the governing board of Southwest Missouri State University from eight members to ten
SB 115 - Bartle - Alters provisions regarding pupil enrollment hearings
SB 116 - Bartle - Establishes the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 117 - Bartle - WITHDRAWN
SB 118 - Bray - Alters provisions regarding teacher termination hearings
SB 119 - Bray - Revises employment practices relating to gender
SB 120 - Bray - Establishes the Public Employee Due Process Act
SB 121 - Bray - Requires safe staffing and quality care in all veterans homes and mental health facilities
SB 122 - Nodler - Creates the Energy Efficiency Implementation Act
SB 123 - Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to corporate stock issuance and sales of corporate assets and allows not-for-profit corporations to apply for reinstatement after forfeiture for failing to file an annual report
SB 124 - Nodler - Provides discretion to the Public Service Commission to permit recovery of costs by electrical corporations
SB 125 - Taylor - Exempts school bus fuel from state sales tax
SB 126 - Dolan - WITHDRAWN
SB 127 - Dolan - WITHDRAWN
SB 128 - Coleman - Requires consumers be notified of products containing radio frequency identification tags at the time of purchase
SB 129 - Vogel - Changes the title of the official required to hear employment security cases from "referee" to "administrative appeals judge"
SB 130 - Clemens - Amends the definition of employer and employee as it pertains to workers compensation
SB 131 - Loudon - Allows insurance companies to invest capital, reserves, and surplus in preferred or guaranteed stocks
SB 132 - Ridgeway - Includes cell-phone users on the state's telemarketing no-call list
SB 133 - Loudon - Requires Office of Administration to include certain products in the cafeteria plan for state employees
SB 134 - Wheeler - Allows people to seek injunction or other relief for a code violation for abatement of a nuisance in Kansas City
SB 135 - Wheeler - Modifies law with respect to the Missouri Abandoned Housing Act
SB 136 - Champion - Permits certain school districts a waiver from DESE allowing the district to choose its own accreditation standards
SB 137 - Taylor - Prohibits insurers from owning auto repair shops and prohibits the use of referral fees for using such shops
SB 138 - Wheeler - Extends the Kansas City mass transportation sales tax indefinitely
SB 139 - Wheeler - Allows neighborhood organizations to bring an action for injuctive relief to stop a nuisance
SB 140 - Days - Requires state employees health care plan premiums to be based on the employee's salary
SB 141 - Nodler - Exempts dealers who sell only emergency vehicles from certain dealer licensure requirements
SB 142 - Gross - Exempts contractors from paying sales taxes on materials used in Department of Transportation projects
SB 143 - Gross - Extends the pharmacy providers tax
SB 144 - Gross - Modifies number of judges and commissioners in various judicial circuits
SB 145 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of posted inquiries in calculating credit risk scores
SB 146 - Dougherty - Allows the Department of Health to investigate complaints of air quality in public schools
SB 147 - Cauthorn - Allows Missouri Qualified Biodiesel Producer Incentive Fund to be subject to appropriations
SB 148 - Nodler - Modifies the Land Reclamation Act
SB 149 - Nodler - Establishes hearing for restatement and back-pay award
SB 150 - Green - Creates the Public Service Accountability Act
SB 151 - Green - Prohibits state senators and representatives from receiving state health insurance
SB 152 - Wilson - Creates a trust fund and Commission for Youth Smoking Prevention
SB 153 - Graham - Modifies the law relating to ombudsman volunteers
SB 154 - Bray - Modifies the law relating to the establishment of paternity
SB 155 - Mayer - Requires certain identifying information to be expunged by the Division of Family Services
SB 156 - Shields - Modifies powers of port authorities with respect to property ownership and development
SB 157 - Crowell - Allows money from the County Sheriff's Revolving Fund to be used for necessary expenses associated with concealed carry endorsements
SB 158 - Cauthorn - Establishes a prescription monitoring program
SB 159 - Cauthorn - Adds various substances to the controlled substance schedules
SB 160 - Bartle - Prohibits human cloning
SB 161 - Gross - Establishes the "Founding Documents Protection Act"
SB 162 - Gross - Removes references to the Committee on Radiation Control from Chapter 192, RSMo
SB 163 - Loudon - Amends various provisions regarding unemployment compensation
SB 164 - Crowell - Prohibits the use of public funds for health and social services programs that subsidize abortion services
SB 165 - Bartle - Changes the procedure for appeal of a Public Service Commission order
SB 166 - Green - Requires reporting by employers as to how many of its employees receive publically funded health care benefits
SB 167 - Green - Requires privately funded mental health facilities to have the same reporting requirements for patient abuse as state mental health facilities
SB 168 - Dolan - Creates a process to resolve disputes arising out of alleged construction defects in residential property
SB 169 - Gross - Renews aviation sales tax until 2010
SB 170 - Gross - Extends the dry cleaning fee until 2012
SB 171 - Purgason - Repeals plank requirement for owners of tractors and other farm equipment
SB 172 - Purgason - Repeals HS/HCS/HB 1433 (2004) authorizing the creation of watershed improvement districts
SB 173 - Scott - Creates a graduated increase in payments to sheltered workshops and alters bidding preferences for products and services from sheltered workshops
SB 174 - Vogel - Authorizes the state to convey land to the Regional West Fire Protection District
SB 175 - Koster - Creates a scholarship program for children of deceased veterans
SB 176 - Vogel - Provides for elections in Cole County and the City of Poplar Bluff
SB 177 - Shields - Modifies a number of provisions regarding professional registration
SB 178 - Shields - Modifies provisions regarding licensing of podiatrists
SB 179 - Griesheimer - Allows for utility companies to recover costs through alternate rate plans
SB 180 - Loudon - Makes February 6th of each year "Ronald Reagan Day" in Missouri
SB 181 - Loudon - Designates the New Mississippi River Bridge connecting Missouri to Illinois in downtown St. Louis as the "Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Bridge"
SB 182 - Scott - Requires liquefied petroleum gas dealers to maintain liability insurance
SB 183 - Scott - Merges the Administrative Law Judge retirement system into the state employees' retirement system
SB 184 - Coleman - Imposes a surcharge on certain felony court proceedings to fund certain school-related programs
SB 185 - Loudon - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 186 - Loudon - Establishes the Missouri Electrical Industry Licensing Board and describes their powers and duties
SB 187 - Cauthorn - Changes the law relating to concentrated animal feeding operations
SB 188 - Griesheimer - Provides a valuation process for business personal property
SB 189 - Gross - Extends certain federal reimbursement allowance and requires Medicaid managed care organizations to pay a reimbursement allowance
SB 190 - Griesheimer - Modifies provisions regarding mortgage broker and loan originators
SB 191 - Koster - Adds an additional circuit judge to the 17th Judicial Circuit
SB 192 - Engler - Allows for the disposal of hazardous materials in certain circumstances
SB 193 - Engler - Enhances responsibility of the Missouri State Park Board
SB 194 - Engler - Modifies provisions relating to sentencing and crime victims' rights
SB 195 - Graham - Alters certain property and gaming tax policies and directs resulting revenue to several programs in higher education
SB 196 - Ridgeway - Modifies sales and use tax exemption eligibility for manufacturing and material recovery plants
SB 197 - Gross - Prohibits public school athletic teams from participating in athletic tournaments held in municipalities tolerant of marijuana usage
SB 198 - Gross - Disallows any provider of abortion services from providing sex education to public school students
SB 199 - Gross - Extends the application deadline for the Korean Conflict medallion to January 1, 2006
SB 200 - Gross - Prohibits more than 50% of any flood plain from being used for residential, industrial, or commercial use
SB 201 - Green - Repeals law setting limits on campaign contributions to candidates for elected office
SB 202 - Crowell - Merges the Administrative Law Judge retirement system into the state employees' retirement system
SB 203 - Dougherty - Adds young adult provisions to the Missouri Consolidated Health Care plan
SB 204 - Dougherty - Mandates insurance coverage for new phases of clinical trials undertaken for the treatment of cancer
SB 205 - Klindt - Allows franchise fees to be used as credits
SB 206 - Champion - Allows certain buildings in the City of Springfield to be eligible for tax increment financing
SB 207 - Graham - Extends the termination date for the sales tax holiday to July 1, 2010
SB 208 - Koster - Requires the Department of Mental Health to perform a cost benefit analysis before downsizing or closing any of its facilities
SB 209 - Koster - Designates a portion of Highway 58 in Johnson County as the "Veterans Memorial Parkway"
SB 210 - Griesheimer - Modifies provisions affecting political subdivisions
SB 211 - Loudon - Extends certain rights with regard to sales commissions
SB 212 - Loudon - Allows commercial casualty insurance policies to exclude coverage for loss by fire caused by terrorism
SB 213 - Cauthorn - Requires bail bond agents or surety recovery agents to be members in a professional association
SB 214 - Scott - Each child enrolled in kindergarten, or first grade to receive comprehensive vision examinations
SB 215 - Days - Prohibits foreign ATM fees
SB 216 - Champion - Requires depositions of crime laboratory employees to be in the county where employed
SB 217 - Gross - Merges the Administrative Law Judge retirement system into the State Employees' retirement system
SB 218 - Klindt - Allows incumbent local exchange companies (ILECs) to be regulated under a price cap
SB 219 - Dolan - Creates an income tax dependency exemption for stillborn children
SB 220 - Dolan - Restores sovereign immunity to Metro and KCATA, provides immunity to state employees for official actions, and removes St. Louis and Kansas City Police Boards from legal defense fund coverage
SB 221 - Dolan - Modifies several provisions of law relating to motor vehicles including primary seat belt enforcement
SB 222 - Callahan - Places various reporting requirements upon manufacturers of tobacco products
SB 223 - Clemens - Modifies provision regarding athletic trainer licensing
SB 224 - Clemens - Creates a tax credit against the private car ad valorem tax
SB 225 - Cauthorn - Modifies various sections pertaining to hazardous waste
SB 226 - Cauthorn - Modifies provisions relating to the Medicaid program
SB 227 - Engler - Designates a portion of state highway M as the "Highway Patrolman Robert Kolilis Memorial Highway"
SB 228 - Ridgeway - Requires health carriers to reimburse out-of-network chiropractors the same as other out-of-network providers
SB 229 - Bray - Allows the hiring of a retired teacher to work between 550 and 800 hours without losing their retirement benefits
SB 230 - Champion - Reallocates a portion of the crime laboratory surcharge to counties and prosecutors
SB 231 - Crowell - Increases the General Assembly's fiscal supervision of public higher education institutions
SB 232 - Loudon - Modifies special motion to dismiss in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
SB 233 - Stouffer - Designates certain bridges and highways and requires future highway designations to go through a new process
SB 234 - Purgason - Allows money from the County Sheriff's Revolving Fund to be used for necessary expenses with concealed carry endorsements
SB 235 - Wheeler - Allows physicians to jointly negotiate with certain health insurance carriers
SB 236 - Klindt - Provides for cost recovery for course materials for private applicators of pesticide
SB 237 - Klindt - Modifies various telecommunications regulations
SB 238 - Gross - Requires all revenue derived from a certain sales tax to be deposited in the Community Children's Sales Tax Trust Fund
SB 239 - Scott - Levies a sales tax on food and hotel rooms in the City of Lamar Heights
SB 240 - Scott - Modifies numerous provisions regarding lobbying and campaign finance disclosure
SB 241 - Scott - Repeals requirement that lobbyists report on legislation they are supporting or opposing
SB 242 - Scott - Requires deputies and associated assistants to the coroner to register with the Missouri Coroners' and Medical Examiners' Association
SB 243 - Scott - Modifies various provisions dealing with the reporting and investigating of an individual's death
SB 244 - Scott - Prohibits health carriers from requiring applicants to submit tax information to obtain insurance coverage
SB 245 - Scott - Creates a partial sales tax exemption for sales of modular units
SB 246 - Days - Allows state to issue bonds for grants and loans pursuant to several sections of Article III of the Missouri Constitution
SB 247 - Dolan - Modifies law with respect to professional engineers license plates
SB 248 - Dolan - Creates a tax deduction for elementary and secondary school expenses
SB 249 - Dolan - WITHDRAWN
SB 250 - Dolan - Allows primary enforcement of seat belt law and modifies law with respect to child passenger restraint
SB 251 - Ridgeway - Creates a tax credit for contributions to support pregnancy resource centers
SB 252 - Koster - Creates the Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission
SB 253 - Koster - Modifies law regarding titling and registering motor vehicles and requires school districts to perform criminal background checks on school bus drivers
SB 254 - Engler - Criminalizes distribution and possession of certain prescription medications on school property
SB 255 - Dolan - Provides a cash benefit to Missouri veterans who died or were wounded while serving in the War on Terror
SB 256 - Dolan - Allows primary enforcement of the seat belt law
SB 257 - Koster - Authorizes the Cass County Commission to seek a board of election commissioners
SB 258 - Koster - Allows the Cass and Cooper County Commissions to submit the question of establishing a health center after a majority vote
SB 259 - Koster - Prohibits the Cass County Commissioner and the County Highway Engineer on the county planning board from voting
SB 260 - Koster - Designates the presiding commissioner in Cass County as the county budget officer
SB 261 - Loudon - Creates certain requirements for the operation of the Missouri health insurance plan
SB 262 - Griesheimer - Changes provisions relating to alcohol
SB 263 - Griesheimer - Makes the election of the Warren County emergency services board during the first yearly municipal election
SB 264 - Stouffer - Adds ethanol's byproducts, including but not limited to dry distilled grain, to the list of items exempt from sales and use tax
SB 265 - Taylor - Allows the board of directors of any public water supply district to sell and convey property in certain instances
SB 266 - Gibbons - Alters the definition of "teacher" in the teacher tenure act
SB 267 - Gibbons - Amends provisions relating to property tax reassessment
SB 268 - Gibbons - Authorizes a property tax increase for Missouri history museum subdistricts
SB 269 - Shields - Amends provisions of the entertainer and athlete tax relating to allocation of funds
SB 270 - Scott - Modifies the linked deposit program and other duties of the State Treasurer
SB 271 - Scott - Enacts various measures relating to tort reform
SB 272 - Gross - Limits amount of revenue collectable from gaming boat admission fees
SB 273 - Taylor - Permits the delivery sale of cigarettes to a consumer under certain circumstances
SB 274 - Taylor - Regulates travel clubs
SB 275 - Crowell - Requires the consolidation of certain state retirement systems
SB 276 - Crowell - Renders several alterations to the state employee retirement system
SB 277 - Bray - Allows small employers to obtain medical coverage through the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
SB 278 - Nodler - Authorizes the Board of Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects to seek civil penalties
SB 279 - Taylor - Adds demand drafts to certain transfer and presentment warranties in the Uniform Commercial Code
SB 280 - Taylor - Changes laws regarding cosmetologists and barbers
SB 281 - Klindt - Modifies weight limit for farm vehicles
SB 282 - Green - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 283 - Champion - Allows cities and counties to prohibit concealed firearms in certain recreational facilities
SB 284 - Cauthorn - Creates the Dairy Herd Development Revolving Fund
SB 285 - Clemens - Certain school districts may resume participation in the career ladder program at the same matching level for which the district qualified during its last year of participation
SB 286 - Nodler - The Coordinating Board shall hold out-of-state public higher education institutions to criteria similar to those required of public in-state higher education institutions
SB 287 - Shields - Transitions the state away from a tax-rate driven education funding formula to a student-needs based education funding formula
SB 288 - Klindt - Authorizes the Governor to convey land in Nodaway County to the Delta Nu Teke Association
SB 289 - Engler - Makes a grand jury's duty to examine public buildings and report on their conditions discretionary
SB 290 - Engler - Allows vehicle owners to register their motor vehicles quadrennially and limits inspections to one time
SB 291 - Mayer - Modifies prevailing wage law
SB 292 - Bray - Eliminates the death penalty
SB 293 - Bray - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 294 - Bray - Creates the "Freedom=Choice" license plate and corresponding fund to pay for family planning services
SB 295 - Dolan - Authorizes a tax check-off for contributions to the Missouri Military Family Relief Fund
SB 296 - Coleman - Makes certain students eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of their immigration status
SB 297 - Coleman - Alters the metropolitan school district's procedures with regard to employees subject to removal
SB 298 - Coleman - Alters provisions regarding the superintendent and teachers of the St. Louis public school system
SB 299 - Coleman - Removes school principals from certain sections of the Metropolitan school district's teacher tenure statute
SB 300 - Coleman - Creates the mobile home landlord and tenant rights act
SB 301 - Coleman - Increases the maximum amount of compensation payable to St. Louis police officers
SB 302 - Coleman - Changes the election date for certain St. Louis school board members
SB 303 - Dougherty - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions in Missouri
SB 304 - Ridgeway - Changes provisions regarding military leave for Kansas City police officers and civilian employees
SB 305 - Engler - Authorizes minimum amounts of compensation for certain corrections personnel
SB 306 - Purgason - Raises the amount school board members may accept for performing services for (or selling property to) their district
SB 307 - Purgason - Increases the amount that public officials or employees can accept for services to their political subdivision
SB 308 - Purgason - Allows not-for-profit corporations to apply for reinstatement after forfeiture for failing to file an annual report
SB 309 - Wilson - Makes ownership, possession, and discharge of taser guns an unlawful use of a weapon
SB 310 - Champion - Amends various provisions relating to withholding of retirement payments for income tax purposes
SB 311 - Dolan - Permits certain utility companies to place their facilities with the rights-of-way on highways
SB 312 - Dolan - Expands the Transportation Commission to include two additional members representing air, mass transit, freight and river interests
SB 313 - Dolan - Modifies law with respect to highway work zones and creates the crime of "endangerment of a highway worker"
SB 314 - Dolan - Modifies the law with respect to the placement and relocation of utility facilities within highway rights-of-ways
SB 315 - Dolan - Extends the sunset date for the licensure of health care facilities to August 28, 2008
SB 316 - Dolan - Modifies provisions of the law relating to ambulatory medical treatment centers
SB 317 - Mayer - Changes provisions regarding the state highway patrol retirement system
SB 318 - Crowell - Modifies compensation for certain employees of the divisions of finance and credit unions
SB 319 - Koster - Regulates unemployment benefits, the transfer of companies for the purpose of calculating the contribution rate for unemployment, and sets out provisions for alcohol and controlled substance tests
SB 320 - Koster - Creates lien for nonpayment of rental equipment fees
SB 321 - Shields - Establishes the Dental Carve-Out Act of 2005 to implement a process of providing dental benefits to public assistance recipients
SB 322 - Bartle - Prohibits adults from allowing minors to drink or failing to stop minors from drinking on their property
SB 323 - Bartle - Establishes the eligibility criteria for grants to umbilical cord blood banks
SB 324 - Scott - Modifies the Missouri higher education savings program
SB 325 - Bray - Restricts firearm possession for individuals involved in domestic violence
SB 326 - Nodler - Amends various provisions of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
SB 327 - Scott - Makes various changes with respect to the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle laws
SB 328 - Coleman - WITHDRAWN
SB 329 - Coleman - Prohibits a parent, sibling or child of a statewide elected official from registering as a lobbyist
SB 330 - Coleman - WITHDRAWN
SB 331 - Coleman - Modifies various provisions relating to delinquent child support payments
SB 332 - Crowell - Authorizes the Governor to convey land in Scott County to Sikeston Acquisition
SB 333 - Green - Adopts an air quality program for schools, lays out the procedures and includes reporting provisions
SB 334 - Green - Add penalties for employing illegal aliens
SB 335 - Dougherty - Allows the Office of Administration to prohibit displays and signs in public areas of the state capitol
SB 336 - Dougherty - Allows certain private vocational, technical schools and certain proprietary schools to receive A+ reimbursements
SB 337 - Crowell - Authorizes circuit clerks to retain fee for processing passport applications
SB 338 - Gross - Modifies provisions relating to the homestead exemption tax credit
SB 339 - Gross - Removes Department of Revenue branch office language from Section 32.040
SB 340 - Kennedy - Authorizes St. Louis to adopt ordinances to use automated traffic control systems
SB 341 - Bartle - Limites certificate of need to only long-term care facilities
SB 342 - Bartle - Authorizes municipal courts to contract with certain entities for probation services
SB 343 - Bartle - Changes the laws regarding job development programs administered by the Department of Economic Development
SB 344 - Wheeler - Eliminates the requirement of service of summons in unlawful detainer actions by certified mail
SB 345 - Vogel - Creates provisions for transfer of ownership of a company and the employer's obligation for the unemployment experience
SB 346 - Clemens - Limits paddlesport outfitters liability
SB 347 - Clemens - Modifies education requirements for professional counselors
SB 348 - Clemens - Exempts dentists from acupuncture licensing requirements
SB 349 - Green - Makes various changes relating to prevailing wage law
SB 350 - Wilson - Prohibits distribution of controlled substances in parks
SB 351 - Ridgeway - Provides for a minor to receive a minor in possession if he or she has a detectable blood alcohol content
SB 352 - Stouffer - Creates an income tax credit for child care services by a qualified spouse
SB 353 - Gibbons - Extends expiration date of the Missouri senior RX program
SB 354 - Griesheimer - Allows the State Highways Commission to revoke motor carrier registrations under certain circumstances
SB 355 - Griesheimer - Makes changes in the law relating to agriculture and agricultural products
SB 356 - Shields - Enhances penalties for chronic and aggravated drunk offenders and creates crime of aggravated vehicular manslaughter
SB 357 - Shields - Recodification of the Kansas City Police and Civilian Employees' Retirement System
SB 358 - Taylor - Restructures the board of directors for tourism districts and recalculates the dispersion of sales taxes in those districts
SB 359 - Taylor - Provides for price and performance comparisons of health care facilities to be posted on a state website
SB 360 - Bray - Modifies various tax provisions
SB 361 - Stouffer - Allows the City of Excelsior Springs to increase its levy for museum purposes
SB 362 - Stouffer - Creates an income tax credit for donations made to residential treatment agencies
SB 363 - Kennedy - Includes unborn children within the definition of "children" for eligibility in CHIPs
SB 364 - Purgason - Authorizes the Board of Governors of Southwest Missouri State University to convey land in Howell and Greene County
SB 365 - Mayer - Provides health insurance coverage for phase I and phase II clinical trials for cancer treatment
SB 366 - Wheeler - Modifies list of priority designations
SB 367 - Cauthorn - Changes requirement for payment of overtime hours for nonexempt state employees
SB 368 - Dougherty - Provides Medicaid benefits to all cancer patients
SB 369 - Dougherty - Mandates inpatient insurance coverage for mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries
SB 370 - Dougherty - Prohibits homeowner insurers from cancelling or nonrenewing policies based upon claim inquiries
SB 371 - Dolan - Prohibits gifts from lobbyists to members of the General Assembly and modifies legislator per diem
SB 372 - Engler - Provides for various measures relating to bicycle safety and the duties owed to bicyclists by motorists
SB 373 - Bartle - Amends provisions dealing with members of the board of directors for the Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company
SB 374 - Loudon - Designates a portion of State Highway 370 as the "Officer Scott Armstrong Memorial Highway"
SB 375 - Loudon - A state worker with ten years of service under MOSERS will be credited for all of the years that person served in the military
SB 376 - Loudon - Provides immunity from liability to private contractors working under the direction of the children's division
SB 377 - Loudon - Allows practice of physical therapy on animals with prescription from a veterinarian
SB 378 - Coleman - Allows a person to replace two sets of two stolen license plate tabs per year and prohibits issuance of ticket for stolen tabs
SB 379 - Coleman - Sets standards for emergency care for rape victims
SB 380 - Wheeler - Removes the requirement that the chief executive of the urban public library district be a qualified librarian
SB 381 - Ridgeway - Creates and modifies provisions relating to the use of personal information and identity theft
SB 382 - Vogel - Authorizes the governor to convey the State Health Laboratory in Jefferson City
SB 383 - Vogel - Abolishes the Motorist Insurance Identification Database Act
SB 384 - Scott - Authorizes an insurer to reserve the right to contest coverage
SB 385 - Scott - Enacts various measures relating to civil liability and procedure
SB 386 - Loudon - Authorizes the Joint Committee on Wagering and Gaming to solicit bids for a university study of pathological gambling in Missouri
SB 387 - Loudon - Amends provisions relating to the licensing of gambling boats and slot machines
SB 388 - Loudon - Creates an income tax credit for donations made to qualifying residential treatment agencies
SB 389 - Taylor - Creates new election offenses for using wireless electronic recording devices in polling places
SB 390 - Taylor - Allows vehicle dealers to provide disclaimers and disclosures by referring to the Internet and a toll-free number
SB 391 - Dougherty - Grants neighborhood organizations in the city of St. Louis standing to file nuisance actions
SB 392 - Coleman - Authorizes the Governor to convey the Midtown Habilitation Center to St. Louis University
SB 393 - Stouffer - Prescribes requirements for assisted living residences
SB 394 - Nodler - Repeals law requiring the State Treasurer to maintain a list of financial institutions doing business in Northern Ireland
SB 395 - Scott - Allows for certain local courts to impose surcharges to establish an Alternative Dispute Resolution program
SB 396 - Crowell - Extends sunset on transfer of jet fuel tax to the aviation trust fund and increases air control tower funding
SB 397 - Graham - Modifies various aspects of the criminal justice system
SB 398 - Graham - Requires fee agents to be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate
SB 399 - Bray - Implements the provisions of the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
SB 400 - Klindt - Allows for the creation of wholesale water and sewer authorities
SB 401 - Kennedy - Repeals the three-child limit in police pension systems
SB 402 - Gibbons - Modifies laws relating to underage drinking
SB 403 - Green - Authorizes professional counselors to diagnose
SB 404 - Koster - Modifies various court costs
SB 405 - Koster - Modifies procedure for seeking excuse from or postponement of jury duty
SB 406 - Gross - Limits the issuance and redemption of economic development tax credits to a percentage of net general revenue
SB 407 - Mayer - Modifies definition of "owner" in beneficiary deeds
SB 408 - Ridgeway - Allows health carriers to offer one or more health plans which contain deductibles, coinsurance, or other options
SB 409 - Graham - Requires all health clubs to have at least one automated external defibrillator
SB 410 - Graham - Provides for the exclusion of assets for purposes of determining eligibility for public assistance
SB 411 - Wilson - Adds people who use wireless cell phones to the telemarketing no call list
SB 412 - Taylor - Establishes the hazardous duty compensation act
SB 413 - Taylor - Limits political subdivisions authority to grant franchises for cable operators
SB 414 - Purgason - Changes provisions relating to townships
SB 415 - Cauthorn - Allows water companies to contract with sewer providers to terminate service for delinquent accounts
SB 416 - Engler - Prohibits health insurers from refusing to contract with willing optometrists and ophthalmologists
SB 417 - Engler - Extends voting rights to a student curator or governing board member of various higher education institutions
SB 418 - Mayer - Exempts misdemeanors for vehicle registration from required judgments paid to the "Crime Victims' Compensation Fund"
SB 419 - Mayer - Provides that certain records maintained in a court concerning alcohol-related driving offenses are confidential
SB 420 - Mayer - Modifies numerous provisions regarding judicial procedures and personnel
SB 421 - Bartle - Requires a verified petition be submitted in order to form a transportation district
SB 422 - Bartle - Requires expunged records to be confidential
SB 423 - Bartle - Creates new provisions and makes modifications to the DNA profiling system
SB 424 - Callahan - Enhances penalties for chronic and aggravated drunk offenders and creates crime of aggravated vehicular manslaughter
SB 425 - Callahan - Modifies provisions relating to passing bad checks
SB 426 - Callahan - Requires the director of the Department of Revenue to expunge certain suspensions from noncommercial driving records
SB 427 - Callahan - Applies preferential treatment to Missouri business bidders in highway bidding process
SB 428 - Callahan - Requires insurance companies to discount insurance premiums by ten percent to senior citizens
SB 429 - Callahan - Creates a one hundred dollar tax credit for canine adoption
SB 430 - Callahan - Amends the definition of gambling device
SB 431 - Callahan - Permits sales tax on food for the City of Independence
SB 432 - Stouffer - Keeps animal identification information confidential
SB 433 - Stouffer - Established the MO Health Care Stablilization Fund to assist health care providers with excess liability coverage
SB 434 - Cauthorn - Transfers appeal authority to the administrative hearing commission
SB 435 - Wilson - Enacts various reforms to combat fraudulent real estate practices
SB 436 - Bray - Allows senior citizens to defer property tax payment
SB 437 - Bray - Regulates international matchmaking organizations
SB 438 - Bartle - Makes production of meth in the home of a minor child endangerment in the first degree
SB 439 - Bartle - Modifies the statute on endangerment of a child in the second degree
SB 440 - Ridgeway - Amends provisions for the exemption from sales and use tax of electricity used in manufacturing
SB 441 - Ridgeway - Established administrative procedure to suspend drivers' and motor vehicle license for failing to pay towing fees
SB 442 - Ridgeway - Modifies penalties and definitions for the crime of financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled
SB 443 - Taylor - Prohibits title agencies from commingling certain funds and imposes other requirements on title insurers
SB 444 - Taylor - Requires housing contractors to establish escrow accounts to satisfy potential mechanics' liens
SB 445 - Taylor - Increases the fee for a certificate of number when registering watercraft
SB 446 - Crowell - Imposes a four-year ban on certain persons being employed by public four-year higher education institutions
SB 447 - Crowell - Removes the eight-year transfer provision under MOSERS between various state retirement systems
SB 448 - Crowell - Allows sheriffs to agree as to which county's jail will house a defendant after a change of venue
SB 449 - Crowell - Permits an income tax deduction for amount of retirement or pension income taxed by another state
SB 450 - Dolan - Authorizes the Governor to convey various pieces of state property
SB 451 - Dolan - Requires prosecuting attorneys to impanel adult abuse fatality review panels
SB 452 - Dolan - Repeals law prohibiting interested investment and bond counsel firms from involvement in bond issuance
SB 453 - Loudon - Modifies nuisance law
SB 454 - Loudon - Students may receive foreign language credit in public education institutions for sign language classes
SB 455 - Loudon - Makes revisions to laws concerning charter schools
SB 456 - Nodler - Creates new provisions for the interaction of agencies and small business regarding rules
SB 457 - Wheeler - Modifies the law relating to ombudsman volunteers
SB 458 - Wheeler - Requires pharmacists to fill prescriptions against religious beliefs unless an employer can accommodate a request not to do so
SB 459 - Green - Creates a tax deduction for small businesses and farmers that provide health insurance for employees
SB 460 - Koster - Increases the penalties for those who engage in fraudulant actions with respect to an insurance transaction
SB 461 - Koster - Modifies provisions about probation and parole officers
SB 462 - Klindt - Modifies acquisition of sewer or water corporations by public utilities
SB 463 - Gross - Modifies applicabliity of sunshine law to certain non-profit organizations
SB 464 - Vogel - Modifies the duties and powers of the Missouri Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission
SB 465 - Vogel - Modifies law regarding possessed titles, motor vehicle dealer surety bonds, and motor vehicle time sales law
SB 466 - Vogel - Provides temporary retirement and medical incentives for employees currently eligible to retire under MOSERS
SB 467 - Griesheimer - Modifies sections relating to solid waste
SB 468 - Griesheimer - Allows for the creation or reorganized common sewer districts
SB 469 - Griesheimer - Consolidates tax collection in counties having township organization by eliminating township collectors
SB 470 - Engler - Creates the Missouri Blasting Safety Act
SB 471 - Engler - Requires the state highway to certify heavy tow truck operators
SB 472 - Coleman - Modifies advanced voting and privacy of persons applying to vote by advanced ballot
SB 473 - Kennedy - Provides an inflation increase in the per-pupil amount of state aid for hold-harmless school districts
SB 474 - Kennedy - Requires state tax commissioners to be state licensed real estate appraisers
SB 475 - Kennedy - Alters the foundation formula by adding a condition to the hold-harmless calculation
SB 476 - Scott - Modifies authority of Division of Finance over banks and other financial institutions
SB 477 - Scott - Prevents certain people from receiving a license to conduct gaming activities or operate excursion gambling boats
SB 478 - Scott - Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 479 - Scott - Modifies requirement of financial statement for official of certain political subdivisions
SB 480 - Shields - Encourages effective involvement by parents and families in support of their children's education
SB 481 - Shields - Alters policies regarding public school special education services
SB 482 - Cauthorn - Modifies air contaminant source fees
SB 483 - Cauthorn - Provides a time frame for addressing non-compliance issues with the Department of Natural Resources
SB 484 - Stouffer - Allows fire protection districts to charge people who live outside the district for emergency services provided within the district
SB 485 - Days - Allows senior and disabled persons to defer increases in property tax payments
SB 486 - Engler - Removes the eight-year transfer provision to the judicial retirement system
SB 487 - Engler - Requires littering offenders to perform community service and assesses two points against litterer's license
SB 488 - Engler - Exempts salvage vehicles with cosmetic damage from highway patrol examination inspections for purposes of titling
SB 489 - Loudon - Creates requirements for those who sell animals for research purposes only
SB 490 - Koster - Allows Warrensburg to annex areas along a road up to 2.5 miles from existing boundaries of the city
SB 491 - Klindt - Modifies fee for statewide court automation fund and sets expiration dates for other funds
SB 492 - Kennedy - Requires drug testing for contractors and employees working at or near a school
SB 493 - Kennedy - Creates licensure requirements for private investigators
SB 494 - Bray - Modifies provisions concerning exoneration through the use of DNA testing
SB 495 - Mayer - Notification given to a crime victim must utilize the statewide automated crime victim notification system
SB 496 - Mayer - Removes the Corrections Officer Certification Commission's ability to make decisions concerning jailers
SB 497 - Mayer - Transfers Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the State Highway Patrol to the Department of Public Safety
SB 498 - Mayer - Amends sales and use tax exemption for aircraft sales to not-for-profit organizations
SB 499 - Mayer - Provides that judgments entered by an associate circuit court which shall constitute a lien
SB 500 - Gibbons - Provides for family cost participation in the Part C early intervention system
SB 501 - Gibbons - Creates the "Office of Comprehensive Child Mental Health"
SB 502 - Gibbons - Authorizes the Governor to convey land to Manchester United Methodist Church in exchange for another parcel of land
SB 503 - Cauthorn - Provides the opportunity for environmental audits
SB 504 - Dougherty - Creates the office of Inspector General within the Office of Administration
SB 505 - Dougherty - Creates penalties for imposing certain fees by a credit card issuer
SB 506 - Dougherty - Providees consumer protection for computerized personal information
SB 507 - Graham - Raises from $250 to $1,000 the value of property for which the auditor in certain counties is required to inventory
SB 508 - Wheeler - Allows for detachment of territory within water districts prior to new infrastructure development
SB 509 - Dolan - Creates tax credit for a percentage of the adjusted purchase price paid for a qualified equity investment
SB 510 - Koster - Modifies some indebtedness programs for employers
SB 511 - Callahan - Provides when a prosecution for a misdemeanor, infraction, or felony is commenced
SB 512 - Callahan - Removes language stating that a person commits the crime of tampering with a witness "in an official proceeding"
SB 513 - Callahan - Repeals provisions requiring prosecutors to pay certain court costs
SB 514 - Ridgeway - Prohibits any action against a state or local public employee for acknowledging God
SB 515 - Taylor - Requires summer school programs be run by the school district in order for the district to double count its summer school attendance
SB 516 - Griesheimer - Eliminates a provision in Section 99.847 allowing districts to receive reimbursement for emergency services
SB 517 - Shields - Provides the requirements for seeking a surrogate to make health care decisions when the patient is incapacitated
SB 518 - Kennedy - Creates the Assistive Technology Trust Fund for assistive technology
SB 519 - Callahan - Requires expenditures made by the Jackson County Sports Authority for over $5,000 to be competitively bid
SB 520 - Callahan - Requires a person arrested and confined without a warrant be discharged from custody within 48 hours unless charged
SB 521 - Crowell - Expands the membership of the Community Service Commission to include the Lieutenant Governor
SB 522 - Ridgeway - Provides for an informal dispute resolution for long-term care facilities to contest inspections or complaint investigations
SB 523 - Cauthorn - Establishes a distant dental hygientist learning program
SB 524 - Coleman - Regulates the licensing of naturopathic physicians
SB 525 - Coleman - Requires health benefit plans to provide coverage for diagnostic testing services for chronic kidney disease patients
SB 526 - Scott - Establishes a minimum length of time to hold contributions in the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program
SB 527 - Wilson - Requires hospitals to implement a nurse-to-patient ration system
SB 528 - Bray - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program
SB 529 - Vogel - Amends provisions relating to the assessment and collection of various taxes for telecommunications companies
SB 530 - Vogel - Waives the additional fee for military specialized license plates
SB 531 - Klindt - Authorizes certain non-ABA approved law school graduates and members of the General Assembly to sit for the bar exam
SB 532 - Ridgeway - Creates the Medical Ownership Program, a medicaid coverage program dealing with managed health savings accounts
SB 533 - Shields - Additional penalty for persons placed on the employee disqualification list
SB 534 - Bartle - Modifies procedure for replacement of absent municipal judges
SB 535 - Vogel - Creates a sales and use tax exemption for certain items used to fulfill obligations with the federal government
SB 536 - Bartle - Modifies law regarding landlord disposition of tenant property
SB 537 - Bartle - Requires cash bond to be posted in certain landlord and tenant actions
SB 538 - Bartle - Modifies civil procedure requirements for various landlord/tenant actions
SB 539 - Purgason - Modifies provisions in various health care and social services programs
SB 540 - Bray - Requires amount of taxes paid to another state for property taxes to be added back in income tax calculation
SB 541 - Callahan - Exempts attorneys' fees from calculation in project costs in Jackson County for tax increment financing
SB 542 - Callahan - Prohibits certain convicted criminals from qualifying for public office
SB 543 - Callahan - Places term limits on the county executive and members of the legislature in Jackson County
SB 544 - Gross - Permits the use of municipal grant funds for parks and recreational purposes
SB 545 - Loudon - Creates the "Quality Jobs Act" for the state of Missouri
SB 546 - Loudon - Creates a sales and use tax refund for certain vehicles
SB 547 - Loudon - Grants courts power to appoint trustees to disburse funds for health care when a patient is in a persistent vegetative state
SB 548 - Loudon - Replaces all state administrative departments' hearings with a new Office of Administration Hearings
SB 549 - Green - Prohibits certain relatives of elected officials from registering as a lobbyist or serving as fee agents
SB 550 - Mayer - Creates a tax credit for donations to certain religious and charitable organizations
SB 551 - Mayer - Adds a definition for emergency as it relates to removal of a child from the home
SB 552 - Mayer - Allows the medical malpractice Joint Underwriting Association to issue various types of medical malpractice policies and refund surcharges
SB 553 - Mayer - Includes llamas, alpaca, and buffalo in the definition of livestock
SB 554 - Griesheimer - Creates licensing for business brokers
SB 555 - Shields - Provides financial assistance to physically disabled persons for personal care assistance services through eligible vendors
SB 556 - Gibbons - Creates the Medicaid Reform Commission
SCR 1 - Gibbons - Establishes a joint committee relating to inaugural ceremonies
SCR 2 - Cauthorn - Expresses the gratitude and support of the Senate to faith-based and community organizations
SCR 3 - Crowell - Recognizing February 14th as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day in Missouri
SCR 4 - Ridgeway - Encourages legislative support of increasing physical education programs in our public schools
SCR 5 - Mayer - Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri
SCR 6 - Ridgeway - Supports the negotiations of a Taiwan-United States free trade agreement
SCR 7 - Loudon - Urges Congress to consider establishing the Chiropractic Center for Military Research at Logan College of Chiropractic
SCR 8 - Ridgeway - Expresses support for Taiwan to have an observer status in the World Health Organization
SCR 9 - Bray - Opposes restructuring the Social Security Trust Fund
SCR 10 - Scott - Urges PSC to adopt rules governing the application process telecommunication providers can be certified as "eligible telecomunications carriers"
SCR 11 - Green - Designates the month of March 2005 as Irish-American Heritage Month
SCR 12 - Koster - Urges Congress to establish a domestic energy policy that promotes greater energy efficiency