SB 231
Increases the General Assembly's fiscal supervision of public higher education institutions
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2/15/2005 - Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
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August 28, 2005

Current Bill Summary

SB 231 - Under the provisions of this act, any Missouri public higher education institution intending to increase tuition shall be required to provide public notice of the proposed increase not less than six months before the beginning of any academic year. The act requires notice be given to both the public and members of the general assembly regarding the intended increase. The act details specific requirements for the notice and requires that it advise interested parties of their right to submit written comments to the institution during the six-month period between the notice and the effective date of the proposed tuition increase. The act requires each institution to hold a public hearing on proposed tuition increases. After the public hearing, the institution shall provide the coordinating board certain information as specified in the act. The coordinating board shall review the submitted information for conformance with the provisions of this act and determine whether the proposed tuition increase exceeds the percentage increase in the relevant CPI. Not more than thirty days after the receipt of such information, the coordinating board shall submit to the governor and the general assembly the results of its review.

Another provision of the act requires the University of Missouri to submit a budget to the general assembly detailed by campus, department, college, and program within each department and college. The university's appropriations shall be detailed in the appropriation bill using these same categories. Fund transfers between colleges and departments are be prohibited unless approved by the general assembly. Unexpended balances in college and department funds would lapse to the state general revenue fund.