SB 193
Enhances responsibility of the Missouri State Park Board
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2/9/2005 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & Natural Resources Committee (0374S.04C)
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August 28, 2005

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 193 - This act pertains to the Missouri State Park Board.

This act establishes the Missouri State Park Board, originally created by Executive Order 86-26. The original purpose of the board remains in tact with this act, however the management of the historic marker program becomes the responsibility of the board here. Membership information is detailed in this act, it is kept at the current board membership, eight. All members are to be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate.

The historic marker program is laid out, the act clarifies that such program is a voluntary one, with military memorials, monuments, or markers located on state, municipal, private and other land being included on the registry. Withdrawal from the registry by private and municipal landowners is dealt with in the act. Registration fees that shall be established by the board for those landowners interested in submitting their site for inclusion on the registry, shall be utilized exclusively for the administration and management of the historic marker program. Funds set aside for state parks pursuant to section 253.090 RSMo as well as those under Article IV, Section 43(a), 43(b) and 43(c) in the Missouri Constitution shall not be utilized in any way for the program. Language has been included to provide for the appropriation of funds from other revenue sources at the discretion of the general assembly when and if they so choose.

Reporting requirements for the board are laid out in this act, the meeting time for the board has been changed to coincide with current practice by the board - they shall meet at least quarterly or when called to meet by the chairman.

The Department of Natural Resources shall not, under this act, modify or remove any registered marker without due process. Such process shall include public hearings, notice of these hearings, and a majority vote by the Missouri state park board before any change can be made.

Any person who knowingly removes, defaces or destroys monuments, memorials or markers protected under the registry shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. The possibility of relocating monuments, memorials or markers for the sake of construction or repair is accounted for, provided the monument, memorial or marker is prominently displayed.