SB 177
Modifies a number of provisions regarding professional registration
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7/6/2005 - Signed by Governor
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2005
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HCS/SB 177 - This act modifies a number of provisions regarding professional registration.

DENTAL EXTRACTIONS - Section 105.712 - Currently, certain dentists who perform dental primary care and preventive health services are covered by the state legal expense fund. This act adds extractions to the definition of "dental primary care and preventive health services.

LICENSE FEE FOR EMERGENCY PERSONNEL - Section 190.550 - The Department of Health and Senior Services must establish a fee schedule to be paid by applicants for specific emergency personnel licenses. Moneys collected by the department will be deposited into the Missouri Public Health Services Fund. These provisions will not apply to persons employed by volunteer ambulance services.

GEOLOGISTS - The act removes the grandfather provisions regarding the licensing of geologists.

MANICURISTS - Section 329.50 - This act increases the minimum number of hours a manicure apprentice must complete in order to be licensed from 750 to 800. A person may apply to take the required licensing examination if the person is a graduate of a foreign cosmetology program if the Cosmetology Board, in its sole discretion, determines that the program has educational requirements which are substantially the same as the requirements for an educational establishment licensed by the Board. This provision is identical to SB 280 (2005).

DENTAL HYGIENISTS - Sections 332.302 to 332.312 - The act establishes the Dental Hygienist Distance Learning Committee and authorizes the Department of Economic Development to contract with an institution of higher education to establish a distant dental hygienist learning program for the purpose of off-site clinical and didactic training. The program must meet all standards established by the Council on Dental Accreditation. This provision is similar to SB 523 (2005).

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS - Section 334.735 - The act removes a provision of law that conflicts with the definition of "physician assistants".

SOCIAL WORKERS - Sections 337.600, 337.603, 337.615, 337.618, and 337.653 - Currently, an applicant for licensure must complete 24 months of supervised clinical experience. This act requires an applicant to complete 3,000 hours of clinical experience with a licensed social worker in at least 24 months, but no more than 48 months. The act removes a requirement that an applicant must pass examination specifically on Missouri law and regulations governing the practice of social work and a requirement that the applicant be a member in good standing of the Academy of Certified Social Workers. Licensed social workers must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education for license renewal. Currently, licensed baccalaureate social workers cannot engage in the private practice of clinical social work. This act modifies the scope of practice for a licensed baccalaureate social worker and authorizes such licensee to engage in the independent practice of baccalaureate social worker. The act defines what constitutes "independent practice".

NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATORS - Section 344.040 - The act requires all nursing home administrators licenses to expire on June 30 following the year it was issued and every other year thereafter. An administrator seeking a renewal must file an application during the month of May of the year of their renewal, accompanied by a fee, as provided by rule, payable to the Department of Health and Senior Services. The board shall provide by rule as to whether licenses issued or renewed during 2006 may be for either a one- or two-year term.

ATHLETE AGENTS - 436.218 - The act modifies the definition of "student athlete" within the provisions regarding athletic contracts.

SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS - Section 621.045 - The act removes the requirement that the a professional licensing board wait 30 days before informing a licensee that they are in violation of their licensing requirements prior to engaging in settlement negotiations and shortens the time from 60 to 30 days that the licensee has to consider the settlement offer prior to contacting the respective board to discuss the settlement offer.

BOARD OF PHARMACY - Section 1 - The act authorizes the Board of Pharmacy to prepare an equitable salary schedule for employees attributed to the inspection of licensed entities.