SB 163
Amends various provisions regarding unemployment compensation
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2/16/2005 - SCS Voted Do Pass (w/SCS SBs 163 & 34) S Small Business, Insurance & Industrial Relations Committee (0415S.07C)
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 163 - The act is identical to the introduced version except it eliminates Section 288.050 from the text of the bill although the section still exists elsewhere in statute.

The original act makes the following changes with regard to unemployment Compensation:

SECTION 288.036-TAXABLE WAGE BASE (TAX) INCREASE LIMIT - The mandated increases in the taxable base are limited to a maximum of $12,000 instead of $13,000 under current law.

SECTION 288.038-MAXIMUM WEEKLY BENEFIT INCREASE - The mandated increases in the weekly benefit amount are limited to $300 per week, instead of the $320 per week under current law.

The weekly benefit amount will permanently be set at 3.75% of the average of the claimants two highest quarters earnings within the base period beginning in 2006. Current law has 4% of the highest quarter in 2005, 3.75% of the highest quarter in 2006 and 2007, and then 4% of the average of the two highest quarters in 2008.

SECTION 288.045-DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING - Eliminates acceptable limits of marijuana and alcohol. Allows consideration of random and pre-employment screens for a finding of misconduct with appropriate notice. Permits accrediting by approved professional organizations, rather than just U.S. D.O.T.. Allows for a refusal to submit to a drug screen to be considered misconduct.

SECTION 288.121-UNCONSTITUTIONAL SURCHARGE ELIMINATED - Eliminates the temporary debt indebtedness assessment.

SECTION 288.128-DUAL SURCHARGE/UNCONSTITUTIONAL SURCHARGE ELIMINATED -Subsection 1 eliminates one year payment of all outstanding non-federal loans. Subsection 2 deletes the entire section authorizing unconstitutional surcharge.


SECTION 288.330-PERMITS BONDING WITHOUT UNCONSTITUTIONAL SURCHARGE - Deletes all references to the unconstitutional surcharge and extends repayment period to not longer than 10 years.

The act also aments the definition of employment as it pertains to unemployment compensation. The act states that owners and operators who lease motor vehicles with drivers to a for-hire motor carrier shall not be deemed employed for the purposes of unemployment security.