SB 469
Consolidates tax collection in counties having township organization by eliminating township collectors
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3/30/2005 - Hearing Conducted S Economic Development, Tourism & Local Government Committee
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August 28, 2005

Current Bill Summary

SB 469 - This act consolidates tax collection in counties having township organization by eliminating the position of township collector and giving the responsibilities of this position to the former treasurer ex officio collector, now called the "collector-treasurer".

Under this act, laws generally applicable to county collectors shall apply and govern county collector-treasurers except when they conflict with law specifically applicable to county collector-treasurer, in which case, such laws shall govern.

This act provides that the treasurer ex officio collector of a county with township organization shall no longer retain such title, and shall instead, assume the office of collector-treasurer on March 1, 2007. Until such date the township collector shall continue to perform the same duties and be subject to the same requirements and liabilities until his or her term expires. On such date though, the township collector shall cease to perform his or her duties and shall promptly deliver to the collector-treasurer, all books, papers, records, and property pertaining to the office. Notwithstanding other provisions of law to the contrary, the collector-treasurer shall obtain and hold the same duties, powers, and obligations previously granted to, and held by, the township collector. The collector-treasurer will also continue to perform the duties of the current "treasurer ex officio collector". Provisions have been made so that the consolidation of the duties of these two positions does not result in conflict.

The county treasurer-collector will continue to be compensated in the same manner as when he or she was the treasurer ex officio collector and will post the same bond. The collector-treasurer shall be allowed to employ not less than one full time deputy, and is entitled to employ such number as may be necessary to promptly and correctly perform the duties of the office of collector-treasurer. The collector-treasurers and county clerks in counties having township organization will receive $5,000 in addition to their current compensation for their duties.

In addition to the percentages that the current treasurer ex officio collector is allowed to retain for various purposes, this act allows the treasurer-collector to retain one-half of one percent on all licenses, taxes, and all interest collected in order to be deposited in the county treasury. This money can only be used to complete the mailing of personal property tax statements and receipts.

This act eliminates provisions directed specifically at township collectors such as their election and requirement to take an oath. It also transfers the powers given to them with regard to collecting taxes to the treasurer-collector. Powers currently given to the treasurer ex officio collector that require interaction with the township collector have been transferred to other county officials such as the county clerk.

This act is similar to certain provisions of CCS/SS/SCS/HCS/HB 58 (2005) & CCS/HCS/SS/SCS/SB 210 (2005).