Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Caskey

SB 0703 - Requires bond to be posted in certain circumstances before a petition for modification of child custody can be filed
SB 0704 - Allows certain DWI offenders to receive hardship licenses after serving 90 days of the revocation period
SB 0705 - Requires insurers to provide coverage for hearing aids for children
SB 0780 - Freezes tuition rates from the time Missouri undergraduates enter college until they graduate
SB 0781 - Modifies judge disqualification in witness immunity applications
SB 0782 - Requires county treasurers to designate an individual to act on his or her behalf if incapacitated
SB 0835 - Authorizes custodial interrogations of persons suspected of committing felonies must be recorded
SB 0836 - Creates a tax credit program for certain railroad ad valorem property tax
SB 0837 - Requires the Director of Revenue to provide notice of certain remedied delinquencies
SB 0874 - Removes exemption allowing members of some religions to elect not to have photo taken for identification purposes
SB 0875 - Modifies the percentage of property taxes deposited in the county assessment fund
SB 0920 - Makes various changes to the power and authority of the State Water Patrol
SB 0921 - Establishes that review hearings to place offenders in administrative segregation are not contested cases
SB 0953 - Limitation on use of environmental funds to make Hancock refunds
SB 1012 - Modifies the interest provisions for redemption of property
SB 1076 - Revises law on nonprobate transfers
SB 1096 - Relating to regulating the installation of manufactured homes
SB 1156 - Allows licensed professional counselors to diagnose
SB 1166 - Authorizes certain counties to adopt ordinances to impose civil fines for certain misdemeanors
SB 1167 - Limits bifurcated trials to Class A and B felonies
SB 1174 - Abolishes the Missouri Housing Development Commission and transfers its duties to Department of Economic Development
SB 1190 - Gives additional powers to Gaming Commission agents and forfeits wagers by excluding gamblers
SB 1220 - Increases the maximum amount of compensation that certain county officials may receive
SB 1229 - Excludes commercially produced tobacco products from items that cannot knowingly be delivered to a jail or prison
SB 1256 - Establishes a District Attorney System
SB 1332 - Allows sheriffs to pay the costs of issuing concealed carry endorsements with sheriff's revolving fund money
SB 1333 - Allows for the creation of Wholesale Water and Sewer Authorities
SCR 034 - Urges the Governor to Create the Division of Rehabilitation Services for the Blind by Executive Order
SJR 024 - Preserving the right of Missouri citizens to harvest wild bird, fish and game
HB 0869 - Modifies various provisions regarding the licensure of veterinarians
HB 1209 - Names the Hadrosaur dinosaur as the state dinosaur
HB 1511 - Enacts the Missouri Uniform Trust Code

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