SB 0782 Requires county treasurers to designate an individual to act on his or her behalf if incapacitated
LR Number:2815L.04T Fiscal Note:2815-04
Committee:Economic Development, Tourism & Local Government
Last Action:06/25/04 - Signed by Governor Journal page:
Title:HCS SCS SB 782
Effective Date:August 28, 2004
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SB 782 - The act allows the Salary Commission of Cape Girardeau County to meet during 2004 to determine whether to equalize the base salary of county officers.

This act requires each county treasurer to designate in writing a qualified individual to act temporarily on his/her behalf in the instance when the county treasurer is incapacitated so as to be unable to complete the duties of the office.

The act requires that the designee cannot by statute be ineligible to serve as a county treasurer. The designee must also take an oath and give a bond in the same manner as the county treasurer. The designee shall only be given authority to perform the duties of the county treasurer until the county treasurer confirms in writing that he/she has the requisite capacity to act again as county treasurer or for a maximum of 60 days, whichever occurs first. Sixty days after the designee has taken the oath of office, the office shall be considered vacant and filled according to the provisions of Section 105.030, RSMo.

The act provides that a county treasurer must settle his or her accounts in June and December each year. When there is a vacancy, the county commission, except in counties with a charter form of government, must appoint a deputy treasurer or other qualified person to serve until the treasurer returns or the term expires. The interim treasurer or treasurer will be responsible for settling accounts and delivering everything needed by the successor.

The act also requires that the county commission attest to the accounting of school money by the treasurer or interim treasurer. Such order is entered into record and is a discharge of liability of the treasurer.

The act provides for the county commission, except in counties with a charter form of government, to appoint an acting treasurer when there is a vacancy and no deputy treasurer. The county commission must employ and pay the staff necessary to perform the duties of the office.