Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Griesheimer

SB 0758 - Enables certain cities to submit a guest tax to a vote of the people
SB 0759 - Extends the waste tire collection fee from 2004 to 2014
SB 0760 - Requires all railroads to establish a suitable stopping place or depot in Eureka, Missouri
SB 0824 - Modifies law regarding the seizure of motor vehicles that have missing or illegible identification numbers
SB 0825 - Modifies the law relating to the evasion of weigh stations
SB 0950 - Limits the class by class rollback provisions in the property tax law to only Saint Louis County
SB 0951 - Eliminates the requirement that political subdivisions file a copy of their contracts with certain offices
SB 0999 - Creates compensation agreements between franchisors and franchisees
SB 1009 - Regulates the sale of motor vehicle extended service contracts
SB 1023 - Creates criminal use of property by operating audio-visual recording devices while in a movie
SB 1025 - Customer specific pricing for telecommunications companies
SB 1040 - Extends and examines various environmental fees
SB 1041 - Allows certain law enforcement officers to request a hearing following dismissal or disciplinary action
SB 1042 - Applies administrative hearing commission procedures to motor vehicle dealer license denials
SB 1062 - Creates and modifies special licenses available to caterers to serve alcohol at certain functions
SB 1171 - Codifies the Office of Homeland Security and the Missouri Security Council & creates a Joint Legislative Committee
SB 1184 - Modifies the assessment of business tangible personal property
SB 1200 - Allows motorists to obtain Lewis and Clark special license plates
SB 1214 - Makes an exemption to Sunshine Law by allowing private entities to share info w/the state concerning security
SB 1215 - Allows public entities to acquire recover payments made for health care benefits made under a self-insurance plan
SB 1240 - Allows certain counties to use law library funds for courtroom renovation and to pay bonds for such projects
SB 1287 - Changes which state employees may receive paid leave for volunteering as a disaster service volunteer
SB 1304 - Districts providing emergency services are entitled to reimbursement of at least 50% from special allocation fund
SB 1329 - Modifies provisions concerning Emergency Services Boards
SB 1361 - Alters the state's tax structure and establishes a new means of distributing education funds
SB 1362 - Requires insurance companies to provide coverage for computerized prosthetic devices
SB 1363 - Limits venue in tort actions to county where cause of action accrued
SCR 047 - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on State Supported Passenger Rail Service and Multimodal Transportation
HB 0998 - Lengthens notice to evice mobile home tenants and requires manufactured home installers to be licensed
HB 1233 - Allows public entities to acquire subrogation rights under a self-insurance plan
HB 1259 - Applies Administrative Hearing Commission procedures to motor vehicle dealer license denials
HB 1286 - Limits marine manufacturers ability to terminate or renew a dealership agreement without good cause
HB 1288 - Pertains to contractual agreements between manufacturers and other merchants
HB 1377 - Increases the expense payments for county planning commission members
HB 1529 - Requires a minimum reimbursement for emergency services in a tax increment financing district

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