Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Jacob

SB 0721 - Repeals loss limit; creates educ. job retraining fund; redirects increases in gaming proceeds for education fund
SB 0722 - Increases length of revocation periods and amount of liability insurance that must be carried by certain drivers
SB 0723 - Establishes faculty representatives on the governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0793 - Revises provisions for sealing and closing of court records
SB 0794 - Exempts health club services from sales tax
SB 1052 - Eliminates the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of Missouri system
SB 1090 - Alters requirements for the classroom teacher "job-sharing" program
SB 1161 - Modifies provisions of certain regional development districts
SB 1162 - Expands the type of securities that may be used for certain subdivisions
SB 1163 - Enables first class counties to enact certain nuisance abatement ordinances
SB 1164 - Disallows the deduction for property tax paid to another state on nonresident income tax returns
SB 1168 - Modifies the Missouri Family Trust
SB 1169 - Individuals may not waive any age discrimination right under Chapter 213 unless waiver given is knowing and voluntary
SB 1356 - Prohibition against transporting a concealable firearm in a vehicle without a concealed firearm endorsement
SB 1357 - Creates a prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon with a concealed carry permit from another state
SB 1358 - Prohibits the carrying of concealed firearms in certain locations
SB 1359 - Extends the statute of limitations in certain sexual offenses involving a person age 18 or younger
SB 1360 - Extends the statute of limitations in childhood abuse cases
SB 1398 - Allows proxies to represent statutory members of certain committees
SJR 027 - Amends the Constitution to create a Revenue Stabilization Fund
SJR 028 - Constitutional amendment to repeal legislative term limits subject to voter approval
SJR 048 - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting the legislature from passing laws previously rejected
SR 1412 - Allows Missouri Girls State to use the Senate Chamber on June 22, 2004
HB 0923 - Modifies the Missouri Family Trust

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