Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Bartle

SB 0763 - Limits certificate of need to only long-term care facilities
SB 0764 - Alters the foundation formula by completely removing line 1(b) calculation
SB 0765 - Prohibits individuals from engaging in or using public funds and facilities for human cloning
SB 0826 - Requires continued enrollment in school and progress towards graduation to obtain and retain a driver's license
SB 0827 - Allows appeals from orders granting or denying class action certification
SB 0828 - Reduces salaries of General Assembly in fiscal year 2005 to a sum equal to 97% of their salaries in fiscal year 2004
SB 0870 - Prohibits locating sexually-oriented billboards within one mile of a state highway
SB 0909 - Increases maximum fine in certain cities from $500 to $1000
SB 0980 - Repeals certain sections of law which have expired, sunset, terminated, or are ineffective
SB 1000 - Makes changes to provisions on DNA profiling, including DNA testing of all felony and sexual offenders
SB 1054 - Allows an equalizing cost-of-living adjustment for certain members of the Police Retirement System of Kansas City
SB 1055 - Allows a funeral benefit of $1,000 for special consultants of certain retirement systems of the Kansas City Police Dept
SB 1056 - Dedicates 10% of future TIF increments to schools affected by the TIF
SB 1057 - Establishes the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 1058 - Increases the gambling boat admission fees
SB 1059 - Modifies the taxation of income derived from certain transactions involving intellectual property
SB 1060 - Creates new court fees to fund the foundation formula
SB 1071 - Defines "next friend" for a minor's consent to an abortion
SB 1092 - Prevents tax increment financing from being used for residential purposes
SB 1138 - Modifies provisions of court procedure
SB 1217 - Certain school districts shall be reimbursed fully for costs associated with offering certain special education svcs
SB 1237 - Makes it unlawful to obstruct a securities investigation
SB 1265 - Creates requirements for membership on a civilian review board
SB 1373 - Creates the Interstate Compact for Juveniles
SJR 034 - Abolishes the highway commission and replaces it with a Director of Transportation
SJR 045 - Eliminates the requirement of one judge per county and converts associate circuit judges into circuit judges
SJR 046 - Reduces the number of Representatives from 163 to 90 and the number of Senators from 34 to 30
SRB1108 - Repeals certain sections of law which have expired, sunset, terminated, or are ineffective
HB 0988 - Increases membership on political party committees in townships in Jackson County
HB 0996 - Adds the frame to the list of items that the Missouri State Highway Patrol must inspect annually on school busses
HB 1188 - Revises various statutes relating to fees and costs in criminal cases
HB 1215 - Makes it a Class D felony for an individual who has been civilly committed as a sexual predator to escape
HB 1508 - Requires emblem-use fees received by the Kansas City Chiefs license plate be forwarded to the "Chiefs' Children's Fund"
HB 1617 - Makes it unlawful to obstruct a securities investigation
HB 1664 - Several sections dealing with LLCs, LPs, LLPs, etc, and modifying procedures for registration as one of these

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