SB 1138 Modifies provisions of court procedure
LR Number:4154S.01I Fiscal Note:4154-01
Committee:Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence
Last Action:05/14/04 - S Inf Calendar S Bills for Perfection Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2004
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Current Bill Summary

SB 1138 - This act modifies provisions relating to courts.

JUVENILE COURT (Sections 211.141 and 211.327) - In certain matters referred to the juvenile court, the juvenile officer shall make a risk and needs assessment of the child. The results of the assessment shall be provided to the office of state courts administrator.

MECHANIC'S LIENS (Sections 429.032 to 429.540 and 478.725) - The act provides that liens shall be filed directly with the recorder of deeds instead of the circuit court. Section 429.470 is modified by requiring the judgement creditor to forward a certified copy of the judgement to the secretary of state.

CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES (Section 452.340) - The timeframe for review of child support guidelines is increased once every three years to once every four years.

DOMESTIC RELATIONS RESOLUTION FUND (Section 452.554) - Moneys from the fund may be used to provide services to support domestic relations cases.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS (Sections 476.800 to 476.820 and 491.300) - The act repeals the current section regarding the fees for interpreters and enacts three new sections on interpreters for non-English speaking persons. Courts are required to appoint qualified interpreters in all legal proceedings in which the non- English speaking person is a party or witness. The person may waive the appointment of an interpreter. Interpreters in civil, juvenile and criminal proceedings shall be allowed a reasonable fee approved by the court, but shall not be compensated for travel time.

BASIC CIVIL LEGAL SERVICES FUND (Section 488.031) - The fee for filings in the probate division shall be $8.

LAW LIBRARY SURCHARGE (Section 488.429) - The act authorizes any county to use moneys from the law library fund for the county or circuit family services and justice fund or for courtroom renovation and technology enhancement.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER SURCHARGE (Section 488.445) - The act removes the effective date for an ordinance to be effective in order to impose the surcharge.

CRIMINAL CASE FEES (Sections 488.4014 and 488.5320) - The act provides that the county fee and sheriff's fee shall be assessed upon a guilty plea or a finding of guilt.

CRIME VICTIM'S COMPENSATION (Section 595.045) - The act assesses the crime victim's compensation judgement upon a guilty plea or finding of guilt. The judgement is assessed on all misdemeanors, except certain traffic, conservation and wildlife offenses.