Missouri State Senate
Bills assigned to Education

HB 0941 - Cunningham - Revises requirements relating to school districts achieving provisional accreditation
HB 1040 - Cunningham - Renders several alternations to the state's education policy
HB 1041 - Cunningham - Alters several policies regarding school personnel
HB 1048 - Parker - Clarifies appropriations for community college district maintenance funds
HB 1070 - Miller - School districts may adopt emergency preparedness plans in order to use school resources during natural disasters
SB 0702 - Russell - Requires University of Missouri board of curators to make policy decisions by means of a roll-call vote
SB 0723 - Jacob - Establishes faculty representatives on the governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0724 - Bland - Establishes accreditation of charter schools
SB 0733 - Foster - Asserts that the contract for any vocational agriculture teacher shall be a twelve-month contract
SB 0764 - Bartle - Alters the foundation formula by completely removing line 1(b) calculation
SB 0768 - Nodler - Articulates new qualifications for the board of governors of Missouri Southern State University-Joplin
SB 0780 - Caskey - Freezes tuition rates from the time Missouri undergraduates enter college until they graduate
SB 0796 - Bland - Establishes coordinated health program board to prevent student obesity, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes
SB 0813 - Cauthorn - Allows participation in FFA, FHA, FCCLA, 4-H, & State Fair competition to count as attendance for purpose of state aid
SB 0814 - Dougherty - Increases the number of one-year, renewable scholarships for minority students
SB 0816 - Dougherty - Allows foster children to receive a tuition and fee waiver to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 0848 - Bland - School districts may create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0849 - Bland - Requires school districts to offer alternative education programs
SB 0852 - Gross - School districts to provide readiness assessments to determine if certain children are ready to enter school
SB 0858 - Klindt - A+ reimbursements shall not be issued to any four-year institution of higher learning
SB 0865 - Dougherty - Allows the board of the St. Louis Public Schools to shift their compulsory attendance age range
SB 0872 - Bray - Alters provisions regarding teacher termination hearings
SB 0922 - Coleman - Formulates a new procedure of recalling school board members
SB 0923 - Goode - Summer school add-on to only include those pupils that attended summer school in the immediately preceding year
SB 0941 - Coleman - Authorizes a three-year bid cycle for financial services for the St. Louis Public Schools
SB 0945 - Gibbons - Directs the state board to assist and encourage school districts in adopting service-learning programs
SB 0959 - Childers - Alters funding mechanism for statewide areas of critical need for learning and development
SB 0967 - Shields - Alters definitions concerning Charles Gallagher Financial Award and the Nursing Student Loan Program
SB 0968 - Shields - Guarantees teachers partial payment of contacts when teachers are laid off in certain cases
SB 0969 - Shields - Removes the proration factor for purposes of calculating career ladder payments
SB 0975 - Dougherty - Seeks to permit certain private vocational and technical schools to receive A+ reimbursements
SB 0978 - Stoll - Establishes the "Collaborative for Applied Experiences in Science" (CAES) program
SB 0979 - Stoll - Establishes the Missouri Statewide Initiative for Scientific Education Enhancement" program
SB 0993 - Cauthorn - Requires public pre-kindergarten teachers to possess a valid teaching certificate
SB 1015 - Kennedy - Creates a gang resistance education and training program to be used in schools
SB 1021 - Steelman - Speech pathologists with a Cert. of Clinical Competence to be placed on Stege III of the career ladder program
SB 1032 - Bray - Consoldates the "academically deficient schools" and "priority schools" school accountability measures
SB 1052 - Jacob - Eliminates the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of Missouri system
SB 1053 - Shields - Requires school districts to meet the requirements of Section 160.530, in order to be eligible for state aid
SB 1057 - Bartle - Establishes the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 1060 - Bartle - Creates new court fees to fund the foundation formula
SB 1072 - Dougherty - Establishes the "Hope Scholarship Program"
SB 1073 - Dougherty - Alters criteria for being deemed a "permanent teacher"
SB 1080 - Nodler - Amends certain policies with regard to MAP testing
SB 1087 - Days - Modifies provisions regarding early childhood special education
SB 1091 - Klindt - Alters provisions of the law regarding junior college districts
SB 1101 - Steelman - The president of the University of Missouri shall not serve as the chancellor of any campus in the system
SB 1109 - Coleman - Allows eligible nonimmigrant aliens to receive "instate" tuition at Missouri higher education institutions
SB 1112 - Clemens - Modifies provision on uncontested elections for trustees of community college districts
SB 1133 - Foster - Removes school principals from certain sections of the Metropolitan school district's teacher tenure statute
SB 1134 - Foster - Establishes the Missouri Junior/Senior Cadets Program
SB 1135 - Foster - Requires each public school district to include a policy which prohibits bullying in their discipline policy
SB 1140 - Mathewson - Allows the transfer of Pettis County school funds resulting from a resolution of environmental law violations
SB 1208 - Stoll - Encourages effective involvement by parents and families in support of their children's education
SB 1217 - Bartle - Certain school districts shall be reimbursed fully for costs associated with offering certain special education svcs
SB 1241 - Yeckel - Alters charter school laws
SB 1257 - Days - Students expelled for certain violent behaviors shall not be considered "drop-outs" for MSIP purposes
SB 1297 - Callahan - A portion of the Kansas City School District shall be considered a subdistrict for taxing purposes
SB 1309 - Stoll - Details conditions whereby a public higher education institution may use an individual's Social Security number
SB 1316 - Steelman - Requires school districts to comply with current law provisions regarding reduction in teacher forces
SB 1323 - Shields - Alters the configuration, charge, and other aspects of the Joint Committee on Education
SB 1334 - Dougherty - Amends the offense of distributing a controlled substance near schools to include long-term and child care facilities
SB 1339 - Callahan - Allows non-public higher education institutions to sponsor charter schools
SB 1347 - Coleman - Imposes a surcharge on certain felony court proceedings to fund certain school-related programs
SB 1349 - Coleman - Adjusts the foundation formula so that districts receive additional revenue for English as second language students
SB 1350 - Stoll - Requires the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education to adopt an indoor air quality program
SB 1352 - Stoll - Establishes alternative charter schools
SB 1355 - Days - Requires the state to participate in the Infant and Toddler Program pursuant to Part C of IDEA
SB 1361 - Griesheimer - Alters the state's tax structure and establishes a new means of distributing education funds
SB 1367 - Yeckel - Makes certain students eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of their immigration status
SB 1387 - Dolan - Adds a voting student member to the Board of Regents, Governors, and Curators of Higher Education institutions
SB 1389 - Dolan - Details conditions whereby a public higher education institution may require the use of a person's Soc. Sec. No.
SJR 032 - Cauthorn - Allows private school students to ride public school buses
SJR 039 - Foster - Modifies the composition of the State Board of Education
SJR 042 - Coleman - Enables the legislature to issue bonds for education purposes
SJR 050 - Stoll - Permits voters to approve school district bond issues with a simple majority on certain election days

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