Senator Gross
Bills Sponsored

SB 0028 - Specifies calculation of revenue estimates for governor's recommended budget each fiscal year
SB 0029 - Prohibits courts from altering, setting aside, or ignoring withdrawal deadlines in elections
SB 0030 - Creates the Amber Alert System
SB 0076 - Exempts the homestead of those aged 65 and older from increases in property tax assessments
SB 0077 - Allows refunds of sales tax remitted from coffin sales in limited circumstances
SB 0078 - Allows the Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol employees to purchase certain service for retirement credits
SB 0108 - Adds the Chief Information Officer to the State Records Commission
SB 0109 - Expands mechanic's lien law to include equipment rentals
SB 0110 - Details information to be included in physician abortion reports
SB 0129 - Prohibits expenditure of state funds by public officials or employees to support or oppose a ballot measure or candidate
SB 0130 - Authorizes conveyance of state property along Knaust Road in St. Charles County
SB 0131 - Revises eligibility of felons to vote
SB 0141 - Limits the availability of low income housing tax credits
SB 0205 - Adds CPI adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid
SB 0248 - Revises provisions of various retirement plans
SB 0290 - Allows for recovery of certain infrastructure and security costs by electrical corporations
SB 0327 - Modifies provisions of real estate appraiser licensing
SB 0442 - Requires ephedrine and ephedrine-based products to be behind the counter
SB 0443 - Allows a brewer to have a financial interest in a restaurant or bar that sells liquor
SB 0462 - Creates a medical insurance incentive for state employees who retire after 1/1/03, and before 11/1/03
SB 0463 - Increases term of director for nonprofit corporation from five to six years
SB 0478 - Creates inactive status for architects and psychologists and modifies duties of landscape architects
SB 0479 - Specifies the annual leave accrual rate and options for excess accrued leave for the Dept. of Transportation
SB 0483 - Enables certain land trusts to be exempt from property taxation
SB 0501 - Exempts contractors from paying sales taxes on materials used in department of transportation projects
SB 0521 - Addresses public entity's requirement of surety bonds and establishes the open contracting act
SB 0522 - Provides an additional rate for the capital improvement sales tax
SB 0526 - Prohibits contingent attorney's fees in property tax appeals
SB 0527 - Revises the fee structure for merchants' licenses
SB 0528 - Sets requirements for obtaining a warrant by telephone
SB 0540 - Limits the number of microbrewer licenses available to an individual and his agents
SB 0544 - Creates the Missouri Sunset Act
SB 0564 - Changes governance of the St. Louis International Airport
SB 0674 - Authorizes the conveyance of Marshall Habilitation Center and Midtown Habilitation Center
SB 0675 - Eliminates certain funds and charges interest against certain other funds
SCR 001 - Rejects salary increase recommendations of the Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SCR 007 - Establishes a Joint Interim Committee on Judicial Resources
SJR 003 - Exempts property owned by veterans' organizations from property taxation
SJR 015 - Abolishes the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation
HB 0185 - Creates the AMBER Alert System
HB 0314 - Prohibits public entities from requiring certain people to obtain a surety bond from a particular company
HB 0517 - Establishes the MO Homestead Preservation Act and modifies the rebate amount for the Senior Rx Program
HB 0553 - Allows health benefits for retired officers and dependents of deceased officers of political subdivisions
HCR 006 - Disapproves the salary recommendations submitted by the MO. Citizen's Comm. on Compensation for Elected Officials

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